Sheer insincerity and all round bad taste | 3 things that make Kemen’s “apology” unacceptable

So Mr Kemen who got booted out of the BBNaija house last weekend has suddenly come to the realisation that his action was as bad as bad can be and decided to apologise. If we are being honest about our observations we’d say that someone told the young man that the best thing to do in his circumstance is to send out an apology but then they forgot to explain to him what an apology really means.

Kemen Apologises To TBoss for his Acts in Big Brother Naija House. My name is Ekemini Ekerette, popularly known as Kemen (@Kemen_Fitness) one of the Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemate. I am a Fitness Trainer and a Model before joining the Big Brother house. Firstly ,I hereby tender my sincere apologies to TBoss and ask for her forgiveness as well as all the women in Africa who percieved my action as violation or a sexual offence… however I have stated the reality of what actual happened in my interview. I knew that everybody was playing the game in the house at the same time competing for the prize. I realised that I over played my game which brought about my disqualification . As you all know, I have my fitness outfit, where I train a lot of people both men and women. There has been no case or report of such acts from me. I regret the turn of play while trying to play and compete for the prize. I must emphasize that reality is different from perception However ,I also use this medium to apologise to all women being the International Women’s Day, and the entire crew of Big Brother Nigeria, including my fans and family. #BBNaija #JustForYou #Payport #SeeGobe

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First Kemen, no one starts an apology they hope will be accepted with a headline that refers to them in the second person. Really? “Kemen Apologises To TBoss for his Acts in the Big Brother Naija House” ??? 

If per chance Kemen is now wondering why a large number of reasonable and well-meaning members of the society think of his apology as a specific kind of nonsense, it’s because he put a headline on an Instagram caption where he refers to himself in the second person in a bid to tender a heartfelt apology.

Or if we are being honest about our observation, we’d say someone typed out an apology and nudged him to post it.

To make things worse, the whole apology just reeks of insincerity

There’s a reason this apology leaves in a worse place than he was when he left the house last weekend. It’s because he has tendered this unfair and untrue apology that looks like a silly ploy to score points off an International holiday. So when exactly did Kemen decide on being apologetic? Right after he lied to the other housemates that he’d done nothing? Or when Nigerians raised hell and he had no Big Brother house to shelter him from the heat? And after he did decide to be apologetic, did he think: “oh wait, Wednesday, the International Women’s Day will be a good time to publish my apologies?

Okay. If we then decide to move past all that apparent planning. How about the fact that his apology does not contain any real admission? As far as this goes, we just hear Kemen telling us that it’s TBoss and the rest of the women in Africa that “perceive” his actions as sexual abuse.

And when he decided hours after to try again, he still did not touch on the subject of his wrong-doing. Sure there was a quote postulation about responsibility but did he take it? NO!

Cont….. I acknowledge the eternal truth embedded in the age long postulation that The price of greatness is responsibility. I hereby accept the responsibility arising from the public perception of my latest actions in the big brother house. Consequently I apologise to all who may have been offended by the interpretation of my action an or inaction throughout my stay in the house. May I use this opportunity to apologise to tboss in the light of the current issues arising from that night's scene. I'm truly sorry and never thought it could end this way. To my family, friends and all who have expressed displeasure over my conduct which led to my disqualification, I pray that you find space in your heart to forgive me and give me another chance. To big brother and the Organisers, I remain ever grateful for the opportunity granted me on such a huge stage. Finally, as I call to mind the fact that in life reality and perception have a fine line of difference, I can assure that given another chance I will consciously create a reality that leaves no one in doubt of my inner strength and positive values which will ultimately will earn me a positive perception The current negative perception flowing from my action is highly regretted. I trust that the God of a second chance will avail me with opportunities to right this wrong. Ekerette Ekemini

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His explanation is just so way off!

Kemen, it was not just a game that you “overplayed” You did something wrong. And except there are some facts that we are not privy to as regards that night’s incident, Kemen’s insistence on the “fine line between perception and reality” in justifying his acts not only takes away from an already annoying apology, it makes him seem petulant.

Finally, this whole piece is not intended to be so cynical as to discountenance the fact that Kemen may truly be sorry for his actions. It is just that this not an acceptable apology. Period. It’s insincere and looks too much like a failed attempt at white-washing his image by befuddling what we know to have happened. It’s an insult to all women – especially the ones he’s directed these publications to.

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