Sheila’s had enough! – YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review: Jan 9 – Jan 13

by Joy Ehonwa

Good news- Amaka has given birth to a healthy, bouncing baby boy! Bad news – the baby is now missing.

Earlier in the week, Mrs. Etuk appeared to have repented. After taking advantage of the guard policeman’s visit to the restroom to make Amaka miserable during her labour, she came seeking forgiveness and making peace, asking for a chance to play a role in the life of her grandchild – who she named Isaiah. She even went to the authorities to drop the case against Amaka. Sankey delivered the good news to Amaka and Angela; they’re both free to return to their normal lives.

Amaka was reluctant to accept Mrs. Etuk’s hand of friendship – the change of heart seemed too good to be true. Mrs. Etuk on her part was last seen packing her bags and preparing to leave the hospital. The doctor gave Amaka sedatives to help her sleep. But alas – it was too good to be true.

Amaka awoke to find her baby gone!

Hold that thought.

Sheila on the other hand has had enough of Phillip’s snide comments, Doc’s insensitivity to her plight and Dan’s well intentioned intrusions. She left Fred in Dan and Phillip’s care and went to Ziggy’s Bar for drinks. Fred had earlier checked himself into the hospital, leaving his family searching for him all over town. Dan told Fred at the hospital that Laide has another man in her life. The intention was to get him to forget her, but that piece of information only made Fred more depressed. Sheila also went to her spa, got pampered and then got involved in the running of her business. She found the experience to be just what she needs, and is now searching for a new housekeeper. It will definitely do her good to live her life.

Unfortunately, Angela’s nemesis Tega, has refused to live his.

That nuisance went to the police station to taunt Angela, threatening to reveal to their bosses that their “precious new employee is a part-time murderer”. He made good on his threat but was disappointed when Angela walked in all dressed up for work. We really hope she keeps her job, it’s all she has now – no friends, no baby, no lover, and a father who isn’t really one.

Soji managed to convince Telema that he didn’t kill Varere for her. Why would he, he says to her, when she isn’t even his girlfriend anymore? Bimpe has decided that Soji’s hands are too big, and her neck is too small and pretty, and so she has asked Telema not to mention her name to Soji regarding the Varere matter. Excuse us while we roll our eyes.

When Wale went through Titi K’s books weeks ago and advised her to cut her spending or make more income, she haughtily insisted on maintaining her lifestyle. So we didn’t feel sorry for her when Tare confronted her with her piles of unpaid bills at the Spa and refused to attend to Shally’s Angels without payment. Embarrassed, she ran crying to Dan, and tried to bully him into selling his stock at Ziggy’s Bar. Dan was worried about Ziggy’s feelings and didn’t agree, but the waiter Frank overheard part of their conversation and now the latest rumour has reached Eneh’s ears: Dan is planning to pull out of Ziggy’s Bar.

While we are on the subject of pulling out, Telema shouldn’t have told Tare the truth about her past with Phillip. It had nothing to do with the present, especially since Tare claims she has no interest in the Phillip beyond friendship. Now that she knows Phillip tried to blackmail her baby sister into sleeping with him, will the flame be extinguished? Unnecessary drama. But isn’t that exactly why we watch?

Till next week!

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