State secret: Lagos bans commissioners, others from granting press interviews

Isi Esene

The Lagos state government has reportedly banned commissioners, civil servants, and other public office holders from granting press interviews warning that anyone caught violating  the rule shall be punished accordingly.

In a circular signed by the Head of Service, Adesegun Ogunlewe, the government directed all public servants to seek approval from the ministry of information before granting any interview.

This, according to the circular, is needed so as not to leak government official secret.

Ogunlewe said, “It has become imperative as government has observed that some public officials have formed the habit of granting informal interviews and in the process divulging official information on public policies which are still under consideration and are not yet approved for action by government.

“Consequently, the governor has therefore directed that no government functionary (public servants and public office holders) should grant press interviews or issue press releases without the concurrence of the Ministry of Information and Strategy.

“Furthermore, under no circumstance should any public servants or public office holders comment or discuss government policies which are still under consideration. Government is aware that officers may be required to represent their political heads and read speeches at event, such officers are to limit themselves to the contents of the written speeches which must have been cleared appropriately prior to the event by their political heads,” he added.

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  • Sola says:

    Many reasons to say no to state police. These our Governors get too carried away with power, that they can't be trusted to manage a police force without getting dictatorial.

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