Step aside Rondo & Preshus! Unilag babes in Monday night Twitter fight

by Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

“When the Naija crowd wake up, this ish will take a new dimension.” @Miss_Jayla tweeted as the drama came to an abrupt end.

She was right. Most tweeters on this side of the world were fast asleep when Unilag girls went in on each other in yet another twitfight. By the break of dawn, those who ‘carried last’ were begging for the handles and a slice of the gist. The cause of the exchanges on the social networking site weren’t exactly known, but @toluogunlesi and @Miss_Jayla became emergency commentators.

When @onojadelphino asked @Miss_Jayla for the 411, she tweeted back: “2 girls were abusing one girl, saying she f**ks around with small men in Ondo state. An anon account now turned the tables and spilled some ish about one of the girls and they all ran & deleted their accounts.”

As it is usually the norm with the big babes in Unilag, popular names popped up, name calling was consistent and dirty secrets were sprinkled all over timelines. Our twolofofos got a piece of the action and here are some of the tweets that kept a lot of folks awake:

@damiesmalls: @ _Asabzy am challengin u, useur real name n say who u r, u will join last month menstration blood.

@damiesmalls: @fabuloustoksy u dis stupid bastard, u call me old but u wud f**kur fada’s mate 4 blackberry?

@damiesmalls: am f**kin an Okoya, u r f**kin an oloshi, who will go to heaven?? tell me plz?

@toluogunlesi: Awon omokomo, oniranu, alainikanse… Fighting a 21st century fight with 19th century abuse. Nonsense and rubbish…

@Miss_Jayla: But how can Dami be f**king Okoya Snr & Jnr and it is onlyDubai they sent her too? Did Peju chew off her clit abi dem swear for her?

@_Asabzy: Peju cant give head! He would chew your vagina like raw meat! But he’d make mouth here. sex starve mofo

@peju_A: your teeth wey no good at all, you go dey join mouth. oga carry your mouth to the nearest panel beater jare

@toluogunlesi: We are but pencil in the hands of the Creator. We are but ‘teeths’ in the mouth of the Comb..

@Miss_Jayla: Dami has padlocked her account. Coward oshi…. shey u wan open person nyash? ohooooooo we can see your intestines now.

@toluogunlesi: I swear this is so much more fun than discussing Petroleum Industry Bill and Cashless Economy..

@_Asabzy: I mean @duchessmoi wud come here and be cursing out side chics meanwhile we know that she became demi’s gff from side chic

@_Asabzy: Lemme not talk about that Demilade that claims to hav girlfriend but is all over everyones dick.hian!

@Ms_Temi: But dami u no finish school na. No be u ur papa disown? @damiesmalls @fabuloustoksy

@_Asabzy: @damiesmalls quit shitting on the other babes. whether u f**k on gold throne or pit latrine..u still a f**king hoe..kapish!

@toluogunlesi: One of the implicated accounts has now been deleted. Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the end of this movie. TO GOD BE DE GLORY

@toluogunlesi: Since the accounts that brought us all together have now vanished, can we please share the grace. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

@debloke: No matter what happens I’m still a proud alumnus of UNILAG…

@toluogunlesi: Closing Credits: Exec Producer: O***A Family | DOP: @Gorgeousbskin | Exec Marketer: @Miss_Jayla | Scriptwriter: @_asabzy (c) 2011

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  2. Story not well told!!!

  3. Yeah @miss_jayla talks tooooo much… I almost broke up with her but she talked me out of it.

  4. Tolu is jeezz crazy

  5. Looooooollll chei twitter… But why is f**** such a big deal? Everyone does it in one way of the other jare….. Meanwhile someone should be help me tell @miss_jayla she talks toooooo much, There is more to life than being a twit star….

  6. Chooooei!!!!see casting!!!!loooool

  7. You should follow the fighers not the commentators. Poor reporting.

  8. oga u didnt start from the beginning joh!!!!!!

  9. Lǻ̀́ff:DWǻ̀́n=DKill<=-PMɐ̀́̀́̀́=))Diɐ̀́̀́̀́

  10. Laugh wan kill me DIE!

  11. Lmao anywaz na bb cause person 2 call malu broda. Daim is a babcok drop out, tomi hummm lag we hail thee. Dey sure entertained.

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