“Stop celebrating politicians, they’re public servants”

It is the election period, so it’s no news that political favourites will be talked about more often, and massive support rallied behind them. Also, many times before an election, people see a few government projects and use that as a yardstick to score a public office holder.

Why not?

It is cultural that public office holders do not take up offices to do the work. It is usually the money and the power and it is not arguable that politicians get away with corruption cases as rats get away with eating important documents in your house.

The celebration of the politician is a recognition of the attempt to do a few projects with citizen taxes, at least, and not embezzle the whole of it, as is usually the case.

Indeed, when you hear cases of kickbacks, fund mismanagement, project misplacement, or embezzlement…you may be moved to raise the thumb for who, during his/her tenure, a bridge was built.

But, music producer, Samklef is saying it’s a negative idea to celebrate whoever is supposed to be a public servant, not a power influencer.

The day Nigerians stop celebrating politicians and see them as a public servant na that time things go better. Tribalism and religion is winning this war.


Despite the outward innocence of political staining – Peter Obi as a case study – politicians should never be treated like celebrities or idols. 

By stanning politicians due to their perceived “longing for service or nation-building,” we destroy any semblance of accountability that politicians need to take.

Totally related to elections and zoning, Samklef is arguing that tribalism and religion are winning the war.

Winning the war against development, because politicians will always prey on the ignorance of the many, and continue to fuel the fires of tribalism and religion. In fact, when many argue that religion is an evil tool used by many politicians, they may not be lying.

Those two concepts hold sway on social media, on the streets, and everywhere people gather. And, arguments are usually filled with ignorant comments or ‘takes’.

But, we need to sanitise and now is the best time.

Meanwhile, if we continue on the trend of worshipping politicians in the way that we worship celebrities, we will cut away the quality of accountability that democracy should be about. By sweeping the mistakes and abuses of power that politicians commit regularly under the rug, we erase the only check that the electorate holds against the political elite. We have to remember that politicians are not celebrities to be idolised. 

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