@Survivor17: Your crimes will always haunt you (Y! Superblogger)

by Buki Otuyemi

Last week, on my way to a cemetery for a funeral with a friend, we sort of got lost and after asking directions and turning into a road, the car in front of us suddenly reversed and rammed into us. It was like watching a horror movie in slow motion because it made absolutely no sense at first. Why would a driver abruptly throw their gear into reverse and accelerate without a care as to the vehicle behind them?
Thankfully we weren’t hurt and our car was not badly damaged. The driver got out and started apologizing. She pointed at a VIO van up ahead and said she was “fleeing from them because her license was expired”!!!!!!!!!!!! She could have easily killed or maimed someone just because of her failure to renew her license, her fear of getting caught by the law and her recklessness and careless behind the wheel in the process. Not to be dramatic or anything, but we could have died for nothing.
This life isn’t often as hard as we humans make it out to be. If you do the needful at the right time and in any given situation, there would be no need for dodging or lying and thus causing further complications, would there? The power of good and bad lies in your hands, how you choose to use these powers are entirely your choice, but note that whatever you do always affects others other than yourself.
Think about it.
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