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Op-Ed EditorJuly 6, 2015

Demola Rewaju: You voted for change? Dont lose faith, please (Y! FrontPage)

by Demola Rewaju  Tolu Ogunlesi came up with the tagline “Breath of Fresh Air” for Jonathan in an article at ...

Op-Ed EditorMay 2, 2015

Ikemesit Effiong: Nigerian youth and the ‘get rich quick syndrome’ (Y! FrontPage)

by Ikemesit Effiong This problem is especially acute among young people, especially the youth in today’s inter-connected, hyperventilating world (no ...

Op-Ed EditorMay 1, 2015

Tunde Leye: This is what will happen when Nigeria’s oil finally dries up (Y!FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye We recognize the need to prepare for a world where oil is no longer important. Even oil ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 21, 2015

Suraj Oyewale: Bad Muslims and the rest of us (Y! FrontPage)

by Suraj Oyewale I do read the statements of Boko Haram leaders as published in newspaper reports and what I ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 7, 2015

Suraj Oyewale: Boko Haram will be Buhari’s biggest problem (Y! FrontPage)

by Suraj Oyewale My biggest fear for Buhari presidency, I must confess, is the Boko Haram menace. After four attempts, ...

Op-Ed EditorDecember 18, 2014

@Toksero: Why Nigeria militant leaders should be closely monitored (Y! FrontPage)

by Toks Ero A responsible government cannot allow such people to thrive except they are in collusion with them to ...

Op-Ed EditorDecember 17, 2014

Tope Fasua: How Nigeria’s “middle class” work for private schools (Y! FrontPage)

by Tope Fasua I was with some very bright young men and a woman a few days back and we ...

Op-Ed EditorDecember 11, 2014

@ToksEro: Oil, Nigeria’s economy and the future (Y! FrontPage)

by Toks Ero Nigerian youths of today must rise up to the challenge of being the unselfish leadership that will ...

Op-Ed EditorDecember 10, 2014

@Diiwanna: Dwindling oil prices- a blessing in disguise (Y! FrontPage)

by Dayo Olugbemi On Monday, 1 December, I read Nwobodo Chidiebere’s article, titled Dwindling Oil Price: A blessing in disguise. I ...

Op-Ed EditorDecember 2, 2014

@diiwana: Is the reverse always the case in this land? (Y! FrontPage)

by Dayo Olugbemi For years, economists, activists, professionals and even ordinary citizens have clamoured for a diversification of the Nigerian economy. ...

Op-Ed EditorNovember 28, 2014

@Toksero : Nigerian National Assembly: Theatre of the absurd (Y! FrontPage)

by Toks Ero On Thursday the 20th day of November, 2014, Nigerians and indeed the whole world were audiences to ...

Op-Ed EditorNovember 24, 2014

@TundeLeye: 2015 elections- There will be no excuses for Jega (Y! FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye The freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria had a 35% voter turnout. We need ...

Op-Ed EditorNovember 6, 2014

@Diiwana: How Nigeria got disrespected in Liberian museum (Y! FrontPage)

by Dayo Olugbemi I was checking out some amazing works of art at a gallery beside the US embassy when ...

Op-Ed EditorNovember 3, 2014

@Tundeleye: GEJ has failed the people in the North-East (Y! FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye In the North East, we have lost territory. We cannot keep our citizens’ lives and properties secure ...

Op-Ed EditorNovember 1, 2014

@GimbaKakanda : Still on the Niger State gubernatorial election (Y! FrontPage)

by Gimba Kakanda My expression of cynicism last week, in my take on the generational chaos that is the contest ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 31, 2014

@AristotleJames: Not Atiku, not Buhari; Only Fashola can defeat Jonathan (Y! FrontPage)

by Immanuel James Watching the endless barter of skirmishes on the social media between  President Jonathan’s supporters, and those of ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 29, 2014

@VoicingNigeria: Who really are Governor Amaechi’s enemies? (Y! FrontPage)

by U.S Seth Saturday October 25th 2014 marked the 7th year anniversary of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. In celebration mood, ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 27, 2014

@tundeleye: Dear @Telegraph, calling @followlasg lawless is rude! (Y! FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye I had a little bet with the YNaija! Op-Eds editor, Ayokunle Odekunle, to write serious, ideological pieces ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 25, 2014

@Gimbakakanda: Niger 2015 – Who let the boys out? (Y! FrontPage)

by Gimba Kakanda Niger State, without a doubt, is passing through the darkest phase in its political evolution. This is not about the ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 22, 2014

Tope Fasua: Nigeria’s middle class is an illusion, it doesn’t exist (Y! FrontPage)

by Tope Fasua I was with a few very bright young men and a woman few days back and we ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 21, 2014

@Oddy4real: You failed the last Bar exams? Stop moaning! (Y! FrontPage)

by Ayokunle Odekunle Caveat This is not an attempt at deriding anybody or a set of people. This also isn’t ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 20, 2014

@TundeLeye: About Africa’s leadership crisis (Y! FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye Africa is in dire need of leaders with strong, clear ideologies. As has been shown by experience ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 16, 2014

@Uchekorie: Why have our value systems become so broken? (Y! FrontPage)

by Uche Okorie I am not sure exactly when it happened. But it must have been surreptitious, creeping up on ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 12, 2014

@JudgeIyke: The #Chibok girls and Malala’s legacy (Y! FrontPage)

by Ikemesit Effiong Early in 2013, long before talk about her became the new sexy in the West’s media circus ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 11, 2014

@GimbaKakanda: Re-understanding political opportunism (Y! FrontPage)

by Gimba Kakanda One mystery that amused as much as it confused me was the audacity of the political aspirants ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 9, 2014

@Alkayy: This is why Nigerian girls are still in trouble (Y! FrontPage)

by Alkasim Abdulkadir It is no longer news that approximately 10.5 million kids are out of school in Nigeria, in ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 6, 2014

@TundeLeye: Nigeria’s oil is drying up, and when it does, this is what will happen (Y!FrontPage)

by Tunde Leye Oil has not been important for a very long time. When we see the behemoth-like companies that ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 4, 2014

@AristotleJames: The petrol drunks and the couple in Ashafa (Y! FrontPage)

by Immanuel James There is no popular monument to aid the description of that street, Ashafa, lying dusty in the ...

Op-Ed EditorOctober 3, 2014

@Alkayy: The warden, the steward and the taxi driver (Y! FrontPage)

by Alkasim Abdulkadir If Nigeria had a credible and consistent poll in the form of the Gallup poll, the measurement ...

Op-Ed EditorSeptember 26, 2014

@AristotleJames : Ifeoma – True story of a ‘baby-witch’ (Y! FontPage)

by Immanuel James Some months ago, a Faceboook friend shared the photo of a little boy he found begging on ...

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