“The cluelessness of the current government needs no announcement” – Tinubu attacks Jonathan

Bola Tinubu

by Isi Esene

The ACN-PDP war of words have always been prosecuted like a cold war with both parties bickering through their media representatives but it appears the ACN have gone for a change of strategy as the National leader of the party, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu has decided to draw first blood.

Part of the statement straight from Tinubu’s office saying the PDP will soon be part of history. He said, “We have left them behind. They will soon be past history. They can’t let their record speak for itself because it will only say bad things about them.”

See below text of a press statement from the office of the ACN National Leader, Bola Tinubu to the PDP-led government.

Nigerians once again are being entertained by the Abuja theater circus. Figures and numbers that translate to nothing for the ordinary Nigerian are being bandied as achievements. Their penchant for dancing naked in the market place is now commonplace. The small-minded media minstrels of Abuja are at it again. It is a curious thing. They call former Lagos Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu and General Muhammadu Buhari insignificant and are nothing to fear, yet they seem to spend so much of their time on them. Does the eagle fear the sparrow or does an elephant fear a blade of grass? Despite their huffing and puffing, they know they are not the eagle or the elephant. Deep in their hearts, they fear that the APC has the potential for change that they lack. Governor Tinubu and General Buhari are flattered by the attention. But Nigerians must heed the warning signs about this government and its anti-people policies. If they would only do their work as they should, the opposition and indeed millions of Nigerians would have very little to say but to congratulate them. Instead they chase after the opposition leaders like street kids running after a moving car. We have left them behind. They will soon be past history. They can’t let their record speak for itself because it will only say bad things about them. Nigerians today are saddled with a government that lacks the presence of mind and the discipline to serve the people. The cluelessness of the current government needs no announcement. Their incompetencies need no contestation. It is writ large in the policy somersaults, mis-speak and economic and security malaise now prevalent.

Nigerians are currently saddled with a government asleep at the switch. This is a government engaged only in dynamic inactivity. Of motions and gyrations without moving Nigeria forward. Nigerians are eyewitnesses to history and will be the judge when the time comes.  They are possessed by the greatest political fear of them all – not that people will mistake who they are but that the people truly know who they are.

Thus, in a futile attempt they seek to belittle the accomplishments of Governor Tinubu as governor of Lagos they shoot themselves in the foot. There is concrete and verifiable evidence about the transformation of Lagos, a foundation laid by governor Tinubu and his team. The Tinubu-Fashola plan for the transformation of Lagos has worked. And as members of the same party they had a coherent plan to develop Lagos state.

Can they say the same thing about anything at the federal level?  Everything they touch gets broken. They call what they are doing a transformation agenda. They seem to want to transform the nation into one big failure. Nigerians have endured this with grace and good humor. It is time for serious people with serious plans to address the serious problems we face.

The federal government presides over failure after failure yet they spend time criticizing the success that is Lagos. Tinubu and Fashola can walk anywhere in Lagos in peace and without an army to protect them.  I wonder if they can make that claim about their leaders and the whole of Nigeria. No one needs a President on lock down in Aso Villa all the time completely isolated from the people he governs. A leader who locks down every city he visits in Nigeria for security reasons is not our idea of a successful citizen friendly leader. There is no greater liability than such a Presidency.

Sunday Dare
Special Adviser, Media to Governor Tinubu

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  1. If you ask me, i think this is a case of kettle calling pot black,Tinubu and his cohorts are all criminals.When Buhari was the head of state of this nation what was his contribution to the the good of the ordinary citizen of this nation,the state we find ourselves today did not begin from this government,it has been a gradual process of system failure on the part of successive governments.Tinubu is no good all they want is to come around displace this government and continue from where this government stopped by looting the nations treasury.It pains me so much that we the younger generation have not seen the disaster these idiots are pilling and waiting to inflict on our collective future.We any one that has been in government before should not be allowed to come back, we need fresh ,innovative and committed young people to be our leaders,enough of these sycophants that parades themselves as agents of change when they cannot change their very home.Tinubu,buhari APC or what do u calling youselves all of you should be cooling yourselves in jail.

  2. It is disheartening to see someone from Igboland disparage a Yoruba leader. They have good leaders who have contributed to make their villages, towns and cities great that is why we all flock to the western part of Nigeria from our landlocked, God forsaken Eastern region. Tell me one great political leader in recent times in the East who has made life better or meaningful for the Igbos. None! The South South is even far better today. Mazi Joseph, please take several seats and think about how u can contribute to your state and leave Bola Tinubu alone. He has done well for his people. They are not complaining.

    1. I would have ignored you but i think is right to tell you the bitter truth you don’t know,you made a statement that Eastern region is GOD foresaken? mind you that more than 80% of businesses that operate in lagos is owned by the same people you said they are GOD foresaken,80% of the houses in lagos are owned by igbos,80% of imports in lagos and Nigeria are done by igbos….So let us face the truth,PDP has done bad but TINUBU is no where in any position to talk about failure of anyone here not minding he picked a better person as replacement just to cover his ass..If Fashola can open up frauds committed by Tinubu,you will run and never to come back…APC is no better option BrO…

  3. Why do people have to tell deliberate lies and a few half truth in nigeria just to score political points. It’s not true that Fashola walks without security retinues in Lagos while Jonathan cannot, this is very misleading and make trivial the entire security situation in nigeria. Lagos is not exactly a safe heaven except if you don’t have relatives in mushin, yaba, Ajao and recently Ojo.

    I pray and wish for a time when politics will be fact driven, laced with mutual respect, kind words even to opponent when we need to critic them.

    Another lesson for Tinubu an his co travelers is that educated rascality doesn’t differ from illiterate rascality or literate dumbness. Focus on the issues and let the citizenry freely decide by the ballots that you deserve a taste of federal power! Also learn the precepts of humility, you are no lion…not even in bourdillion, you are a transient visitor on earth. Do good in a decent manner while the Lord still spares you.

    Thank you
    Joseph Onuorah

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