The KadunaVsKano war on Twitter is what happens when the center cannot hold


Nigeria Twitter is very popular for its ‘dragging’, a phenomenon where a selected group of people target another group for humiliation. Anything can trigger these feuds and sometimes the randomness of the points made in the Twitter-wars are often refreshing and hilarious to read.

In a new trend on Twitter, two giant Northern states are dragging themselves and it is not for anything political or controversial, as it has appeared that these Twitter wars are mostly for the fun of it and nothing else. In these deep dive, we would be looking at tweets from both ends of the battle line.

Three northern states, Kano, Kaduna, and Katsina has many times been referred to as the popular Kardashians – Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and this no joke because on many political and social occasions, these three states have been referred to as these TV stars.

Just recently, Kim had a fallout with her sister Kourtney over what fans have believed to be a result of jealousy over Kourtney’s reserved kind of lifestyle. Fans who analyzed the drama pointed out that the tension between the two sisters had been building up for seasons and it was only a matter of time before things got escalated, and esacalated, they got! This may just have been the case with our dearly beloved Kaduna and Kano State.

The thing with these twitter-wars is that it never gets physical, but nothing is left unturned and no tables are left standing as everything and anything is compared and placed side by side with and against each other. Just like Kim and Kourtney, it is no surprise that tension can build up between two rivalry states but since it’s on Twitter, it never gets physical as it got there and there isn’t any Khloe to break the fight.

In the Twitter-war between Kaduna and Kano, a few points were compared which just shows the level of unseriousness that may just be tagged with many Twitter-wars. Comparing beautiful girls, for example, may just be too far fetched as many, even across cultures, believes that beauty is subjective to whoever that is beholding it.

Whatever the fight may be and whatever parties are involved as it concerns states dragging each other and tribes dragging each other, we can only hope that it doesn’t go beyond the micro-blogging platform and that users have it at the back of their minds that it should just be for the fun of it, because in the end, we are one nation and unity and peace is all we need.


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