These 8 movies are proof you’re a Nollywood veteran

The Nigerian movie industry has come a long way.

They went from “GRAB YOUR COPY NOW” to “NOW SHOWING IN CINEMAS” in good time.

Hollywood has one address: Los Angeles, California.

Nollywood, on the other hand, has three; From “51, Iweka Rd, Onitsha” to “1/3, Palm Road, Aba” to “Ebinpejo lane, Idumota, Lagos”

The Nigerian movie industry has come a long way, with movies that filled our homes with entertainment over the years.

Here are 10 movies every Nollywood veteran should know about.

  1. Karashika! Karashika! Queen of Darkness! This movie sent shivers down our spin. At the time, Nollywood had a major knack for money rituals and marine spirits. Becky Okorie played Karashika.
    This recent photo shows Karashika still sits on her throne.


  2. Sakobi The Snake Girl: Although we have no genealogical evidence, we know she’s related to Karashika somehow. Starring in Sakobi were Susan Patrick and Saint Obi.Sakobi
  3. Living In Bondage: Nollywood’s first. A huge chunk of movies from the ’90s and early 2000’s followed this template; Man needs money. Man goes to join cult. Cult asks for loved one’s blood. Man tries to back out. They threaten man with insanity. Etc. 
  4. Before Lord of The Rings made it to screen, there was Igodo: Arguably one of the best movies ever made in Nigeria, based on its plot and location. It was shot from Osun Groves in Osun state to Ogbunike caves in Abia State. It told the story of an Odyssey to save a village from evil. The star-studded cast included Nobert Young, Pete Edochie, Charles Okafor, Sam Dede and many more.
  5. Blood Money: The plot? Same living-in-bondage template. But classic nonetheless.
  6. Glamour Girls: If you were old enough to watch it with your parents, you probably have children now. The movie was released in 1994.
  7. Nneka The Pretty Serpent: Karashika, Sakobi, and friends.
  8. Domitila: The epitome of The Runs Girl phenomenon.

Which other classics do you remember?

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  1. Are this movie still on sale…have watch all nid to show it to my children…

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