Top 15 strategies to live a healthier life

by Varun Swasthi


Color Your Diet. No, not with Margaritas or Bloody Marys. We’re talking veggies and fruits.

1. Start Your Day Smart

Instead of checking mails or messages on Whatsapp, try something better. Read the newspaper, do some stretches or invest time in a healthy breakfast. It will not only make you.  It will not only make you feel good, but also boost your brain function.

2. Brush, And Floss

Brushing needs no reminder, but flossing does. Flossing is essential to remove the plaque between and around your teeth that linger in your mouth, as that can raise your risk of heart disease.

3. Hit The Bed

There’s no alternative to a good night’s sleep. If you’re exhausted, there is no way incomplete sleep will help it. So, stop checking your Facebook or emails until the wee hours of the night and get some solid sleep instead.

4. Omega Man

To be a healthy man, it’s important to keep our heart healthy. And that’s possible if you indulge in some Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish and nuts will do just fine.

5. Eat Protein More Often

Do not eat only proteins, but make sure you have enough on your plate. Do not eat all of the day’s quota at once. Spread the intake evenly throughout the day.  Eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, fish, chicken, protein shakes—take your pick!

6. Flatten Your Tyre

Is weight an issue? Start with those learning to handle those love handles. You need not have a six pack, but at least flattening your stomach will improve your health. That beer belly is the storehouse for all sorts of diseases.

7. Use Grains As The Condiment

Do not depend on chapattis for all 4 meals of the day, please! High-fibre grains are good for your health, but make sure you balance your plate with proteins in the form of veggies, lentils or meat.

8. Color Your Diet

No, not with Margaritas or Bloody Marys. We’re talking veggies and fruits.

9. Berry, Berry Good

Dynamites in a small package is what they can be called. Berries are one of the most powerful, heart disease fighting foods available. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries—don’t just name ‘em; eat them!

10. Be Mr Bean

High on protein, beans are an awesome source of health. They are good for your heart too.

11. Eat Water

Bite into it, rather! Watermelon, cucumbers, greens, melons and really a lot of fruits and veggies are very high on water content—almost 90 per cent. Lots of nutrients and no calories. Woohoo!

12. And Drink It Too!

Of course! Every morning, the first thing you should do is fill up a large glass of water and drink it before coffee, tea or eating anything. Add a squeeze of lemon to add more health to it.

13. Change Your Oil

Replace soybean, vegetable oil, or margarine with olive oil, canola oil or coconut oil and drizzle health on to your food.

14. Order Small Portions

Cut the greed even if you see the best steak in town. Sharing is true caring when it comes to food and staying fit.


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