Top 4 ways to be ‘unsackable’ at work in 2013

by Paul Eze

You must also plan for the inevitable and start now to cultivate your personal brand. Build a reputation for yourself in the industry.

This year alone thousands of people lost their jobs and more will definitely lose their jobs in the New Year. Many people who lost their jobs were apparently not to blame directly as the economic depression and falling economy can be harsh on businesses that in turn cut losses by laying off people.

While we get into 2013 things do not look a whole lot better and it will be wise to make plans to ensure your ‘unsackability’ at work. Below we share tips and advice gleaned from top HR executives, CEOs and business owners on what today’s employees can do to virtually make their jobs ‘sack-proof’

Stay Ahead of Trends

In the private sector it is already a given that you do not have the luxury to remain stagnant as is the case with most employees in the public sector. I dare say that even public sector workers are beginning to find a gradual change in the dynamics of the workplace. The case of Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc. and others come to mind. The government appears keen to keep on with its policy of privatization and deregulation in key public sectors and what this means is that even public sector workers must sit up, update themselves and keep ahead of the trends.

Personal improvement and knowledge acquisition is something every employee or worker must take serious in the New Year. Acquire new skills, make yourself more useful at the workplace and increase your productivity. These are sure ways to ensure that when your company or employer decides to reduce the workforce you will be among those counted too valuable to be shown the door.

Develop Your People Power

Networking and making valuable friendships have never been more important than in today’s labour market. At your workplace the politics of remaining in the job demands that you do not create the image of a lone ranger and introvert who rarely has anything to do with colleagues and superiors.

Your networking skills do not only come to play when you are searching for jobs. Making meaningful connections and friendships while at work can go some way to save your job when the rough times come. Focus on helping your superiors sincerely and make yourself an indispensable ally to them. They will think twice before recommending you for dismissal if the company decides to lay off people.

Start Building Exposure

No matter what you do to secure your job you must also plan for the inevitable and start now to cultivate your personal brand. Build a reputation for yourself in the industry. You could aim to become one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable, smartest or creative individuals in your industry. Make friends outside your current workplace and try to build connections with superiors from other organizations. These are things that could help you jump ship from your current company to a more stable one where your job is more secure and rewarding. Every month people get poached from one company to another and this happens because they are regarded as very knowledgeable and valuable by the poaching organization.

Become Actively Involved and Interested in Technology

It is said that eventually every job category will be influenced to some extent by technology, some may entirely be taken over by technology in a few years. One way to ensure your continued relevance is to embrace technology, learn all you can about how technology is affecting your industry and acquire new tech skills related to your career goals.

Nobody Is Indispensible But You Can Get Close

The above tips may not give you a 100% assurance that you will always be in a well paying, fascinating job but taking each of the steps will make you get as close as possible to being a much sought after employee. Despite any economic downturn that comes on the country your chances of remaining in a job or getting even better offers will be stronger than ever.


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