Twitter Personality: HUGOverified

by Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

HUGOverified won Timeline Invader in the first YNaija’s Twitter Awards and it’s not hard to see why. This Computer Science graduate is one of those tweeters (well, almost(everyone wants to meet. He sounds crazy online, he likes to call himself a ‘fine boy with a very good sense of humour’, but wants to ‘make it’ in the entertainment industry.

Hugo is our latest YNaija Twitter Personality and takes us through his journey on twitter so far.

How did you start tweeting?

I was introduced to Twitter by my friend, @HM_Gozzz sometime in April 2010, but as usual, Twitter looked like rituals because I really didn’t understand it. I started tweeting properly around September 2010.
Who would you say is your favourite tweep?

I don’t have a favourite. I’ve got a lot of interesting friends and followers, but generally, I like tweeps that are creative and have good sense of humour.
Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

Yes oh! The tweet where @Donjazzymohits sent MTN credit to me..
Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter? If yes, what happened?

I won’t call any moment embarrassing because I really don’t take tweets personal.
What are the downsides of being on Twitter?

Like they say, ‘everything has got its advantages and disadvantages.’ Twitter has got its own, in most cases, I think it’s major distraction is that it consumes a lot of your productive time.

What are the upsides?
Personally, I’ve been privileged tomeet nice and interesting peeps. It provides company when I’m actually bored and there’s no one around to chat me up. It also gives a chance to speak my mind and vent without caring what anyone has to say and so much more.
Has Twitter gotten you more fans/friends?

Before I joined Twitter, I’ve always been this way, but Twitter just made me a little more popular. A lot of peeps want to identify because of the handle. Generally I’ll say it’s all been love, so I’ll say yes! It’s gotten me more friends.

Many ‘tweeps’ say you have a controversial persona on Twitter. Is this true?

I’ll say yes, I’m kind of controversial! Peeps throw shots/insults at you and say things like ‘don’t take tweets personal.’ When you do the same, they say you’re controversial. I really don’t care what peeps think about me. The same thing that makes some peeps hate me is the same thing that makes many more peeps love me. I always tell tweeps to stop taking my tweets personal. Anyone who does so, is actually a thief, because my tweets belong to me. So generally, it’s just Twitter, innit? It’s all fun.
Describe your Twitter persona in three words

I am HUGOverified.

Do you follow back readily? Why?

In most cases, no. In some cases, yes. But it actually depends on your bio and tweets. I don’t like boring peeps around me.
What would possibly make you close your Twitter account?

I really don’t think there’ll be any reason to close my account. As dead as Facebook is, I still visit the cemetery once in a while, If Twitter eventually gets that boring, I’ll probably just reduce showing up on timelines, that’s it.

Twitter Stats (As at 8.15pm, 11th June)

Handle: @HUGOverified

Followers: 1,145

Following: 547

Tweets: 43, 693

Favourite tweets: 4

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  1. As a computer graduate ‎​¶ have really seen how jobless you really are, while away productive to win y naijas twirra personality…. Gross! Dosent make sense .. Ur mates are known for better memories , lock ur self up cos no one knows you… Ps: get a job soon

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