#UltimateLoveNG: Session time, and the ladies are reported for their stubbornness

It’s been a very dramatic week in the Love Pad, but then again, it always is. From evictions to nominations, to couple disputes, to the gossips and bad blood; there’s always something that seems to be distracting the Love Guest from focusing on finding true love.

On Thursday evening, Aunty paid the housemates a visit to check up on her Love Guest and gauge the energy in the house. Not only were they excited to see their favorite therapist in the house, they also gushed over her new peng look, but barely did the men have some interesting things to say about their partners.

Aunty’s theme for the week this week was; ‘Keep the fire burning.’ She spoke about how to reignite the passion in a relationship when things feel like they are going a bit stale.

The first couple to secure time with Aunty was PreshDavid, and one solid take away from this session was when Presh said; “When I think of the future, I think of us.” It was a reassuring statement for the fans that are invested in the smooth sailing of the PreshDavid ship.

On the other hand, David expressed his concerns about Presh’s staunch independence. He sounded like he would love for her to be vulnerable around him once in a while, but in my opinion, it’s a bit too early for that. Three weeks is simply not enough time to feel comfortable enough to bare it all. Prior to his statement, Presh had mentioned earlier that the quality she loved most about David was that he listens.

Aunty presented a slightly different question to JayKech, she wanted to know what the deal-breaker would be for them if any existed. For Jay, he said he would leave if he suddenly found out that Nkechi has a child somewhere or if her life outside was completely different from what it is in the house. Likewise, Nkechi also made mention of something similar, adding that she would leave if she finds out that Jay’s persona in the house was just an act.

Rosie had only nice things to say about Kachi as she admitted that Kachi is a “Man I’d like to have around.” Kachi joked about how stubborn she can be, but it is this alongside her charisma that attracted him to her.

Jelo’s session confirmed a recurring theme, which is the ‘stubbornness’ of the ladies in the house. Louis disclosed to Aunty how stubborn Jenny Koko can be, Jenny Koko blamed it on her upbringing; how her parents’ constant fights shaped her. She also spoke about how people accused her stepmom of controlling her father and because of that incident, she never wants to feel like she is being controlled.

So what do you think, is the era of submissive women finally coming to an end?

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