“Which celeb would father your child?” – UpNepaDotCom presents #YourChoice

by UpNepaDotCom

Every fan has a right to his preferred entertainer and everyone with a contrary choice has the right to hug a transformer.

Today we are about individual choices: personal preference which we intend to expose with direct questions. Just mention a single act to each question as its answer.

Who no like your answer, make him talk him own. Of course, upnepadotcom has got her own answers to the questions. The first 20 questions being….

#mychoice 1) You are trapped for 5yrs on an island with nothing but food, water and the album of one Nigerian artiest on an ipod. Whose Album would it be?

#mychoice 2) Ladies, only Naija celebs were allowed to be Fathers and you have to have that one child. The chosen man would be?

#mychoice 3) Guys, the only entertainer who’s baby mama drama you’ll gladly accept is?

#mychoice 4) One Nigerian singer is about to receive the title ‘THE VOICE’ but  you determine who. And it goes to?

#mychoice 5) You must appoint the president of a new union called “we are in the wrong business”. Your perfect choice?

#mychoice 6) Snoop, Jay z, Twister, Busta rhymes and Ludacris are in Lagos to meet the illest Nigerian rapper ever. You have every rapper’s phone no. Who you gonna call?

#mychoice 7) New Nigerian Broadcasting Commission law permits each city to have only one FM On Air Personality and you make the choice of whose voice we must hear all year round. Your choice?

#mychoice 8) Sade Adu is going to have a Nigerian producer work on a track on her upcoming album. Your pick?

#mychoice 9) Fela came back to life with 1 mission… To have a collabo song with one young act before he goes back. Your pick?

#mychoice 10) The World Cup of stand up comedy is at the Appolo, the world is watching. You decide our rep. Namely?

#yourchoice: 11) Black Berry wants to make a Nigerian entertainer “Face of Black Berry”. Who would it be?

#yourchoice : 12) You are granted the power to resurrect one late act back to life. Who will you raise from the dead?

#yourchoice : 13) Return only one album you wish you hadn’t  bought and get your money back. Whose would it be?

#yourchoice : 14) African voices on CNN needs you to send a Naija entertainer for a 12-hour long interview . Who would you send?

#yourchoice : 15) World Music Day. An all ladies anthem. Beyonce, Mary J blirge, Estelle, Maria Carey, Lady gaga, Angelie Kijo etc. Who is going for Naija?

#yourchoice : 16) Govt says lyrical ‘wackness’ now punishable by jail time. Your first convict?

#yourchoice : 17)  Drake needs a Nigerian song writer to join his team. Any hope you’ll send anyone?

#yourchoice : 18) Did you ever think an act didn’t deserve to blow? Who was that?

#yourchoice : 19) The act with the coolest real name is?

#yourchoice : 20) “Nigerian entertainers  protest fuel subsidy removal.” Who should lead the protest?

The buzz is on. It’s on the twitter platform and its powered by @upnepadotcom. Join us.

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