‘Why did we even celebrate Gaddafi’s death?’ | Tweeps revisit progress of Libya after leader’s demise


Twitter has become one place to talk about anything from politics to social issues and many users who use it laud it for this community it has created for people with similar interest.

In a fresh Twitter trend remembering former Libya Prime Minister, Muammar Gaddafi as they celebrate his upcoming postmortem birthday, June 7th, 1942, many Twitter users are sharing their personal opinion on the state of the country before his death and after his death. Twitter users who jumped on this trend also pointed out what his assassination by the US government meant for Libyans and Africans alike.

While Gaddafi was tagged a dictator by the Americans, Libyans and every other person who jumped on this trend are pointing out that Libya was a better place and presented its citizens with a lot of amenities when compared to now that Gaddafi had been assassinated.

The Gaddafi trend opened a host of topics, from Neocolonialism to the idea that Africans will always remain indebted to their western counterpart, as many people pointed out that the Americans went beyond their way to kill Gaddafi after labelling him a tyrant against his own people.

Bringing the issue home, some Nigerians expressed their regrets in celebrating when it was announced in October 2011 that Gaddafi had been assassinated.

Some Users shared that under Gaddafi, the country had over a billion dollars in foreign reserve and had no debt, but a look at Libya now is very different from how Gaddafi had run it. Some people also pointed out that the Westerners are the worst thing to have ever happened to Africa as they shared that Africa and Africans are still in the clutches of their European masters.


He had many times call on the unity of Africa as a united front for other countries of other continents of the world. Before his assassination, Gaddafi, in 2009, upon being elected as chairman of  African Union in Ethiopia, Gaddafi told African leaders: “I shall continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa.”

To many, Gaddafi was a misunderstood power-drunk leader and needed to be replaced with democracy, but nine years after his death, the reverse is appearing to be the case as many Twitter users and Nigerians are sharing their regrets in supporting the assassination and for misjudging him even in death. Gaddafi’s last moments show rebel fighters beating him and one of them sodomizing him with a bayonet before he was shot several times as he pleaded for his life.


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