Yes! TBoss just came through with the response we have all been waiting for [WATCH]

by Soma Oj.

One factor that has somewhat affected the dynamics of the sexual harassment discourse flowing from what happened between TBoss and Kemen in the Big Brother House weeks ago has been TBoss’ chilled (for lack of a better word) approach to dealing with, speaking about and generally handling it.

Of course, this factor did not stop the majority of the internet from devoting a terrific amount of time discussing the content of the video clip that exposed Kemen’s assault on TBoss’ body and all of the issues that naturally flow from what we saw – from harassment to rape and most importantly, consent.

The organisers of the show, after disqualifying Kemen proceeded to organise some therapy session where TBoss was encouraged to acknowledge what had happened to her and feel all of the anger that a victim in her circumstance will naturally feel. She did – remember the moment where she excused herself from the group therapy to go scream? – but she’s all but remained silent about it since then.

That has left much of the power to steer the conversation in the hands of Kemen – a sexual assaulter who’d rather whine about the cyber bullying he’s experienced in the wake of his disqualification than admit he did wrong, really apologise and find meaningful ways to either seek corrective help for himself or make moves to help his victim recover – and huge population of both men and women are not only clear about the extreme importance of consent but will also rather continue with the culture of normalising sexual assault, harassment and victim blaming. Since the victim was not raped.

“at least e nor kill person”.

The fact that she chose to endure the jokes about her situation – a situation that she did nothing to ask for – during the AYLive show confused us the more. She was standing on stage with her assaulter, Kemen and AY Makun, the one who, with lame jokes, insists the meaningful resolution to all these issues is to forgive and let go like this is simply a case of him knocking her down or snatching her toy.

Suffice to say, it made it imperative for us to start to think of new ways to continue the conversations about sexual harassment, assault, violation of the bodily integrity of others, rape and consent without continuing to use her situation as a propeller or case study.

And then she went and released this video!

Like a Boss!

Apparently, TBoss does not plan to submit herself to humiliation by allowing anyone to trivialise her situation. Never has. And hopefully, never will. While we were concerned about her lending her voice a conversation we’d been itching to have, she was probably composing herself and seeking out the best means possible to make the conversation less about herself and more about the real problem.

We are here for all that. And all we can say is #YASSSSSSSS GURRRRL!


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