YNaijaBBNCoverage: Erica is on the verge of disqualification and may have ended her friendship with Laycon

Ebuka chats with the housemates

Day 35 in the Big Brother Naija house gave everyone goosebumps, as it was filled with tears, joy and laughter. Another contestant was unexpectedly eliminated at the live eviction show but, we saw just one eviction as opposed to two. And, the Wathoni fan club can rest easy, knowing that she would have been the other housemates to be evicted if Big Brother had decided to eliminate two contestants.

There is something interesting you missed. During the live eviction show, the host, Ebuka, popped up to basically shake some tables with his questions, and the housemates have some interesting things to say. See how this went:


Last week, Vee saw it fit to take on the role of therapist for Laycon. Laycon who has been struggling with his emotions for Erica sought out Vee’s opinion on the issue. Vee’s advice was to simply stop talking with her, and avoid her at all cost.

Ebuka asked Vee about this, and she backed up her words, stating that, she feels like the only way Laycon can protect his feelings, is to avoid Erica entirely. We have to say, Erica was not pleased with the revelation.



Tolanibaj will continue to be that mean mug, straight-laced, bad gal. But, Ebuka asked about her refusal to join Lucy’s team for a task presentation last week, she shrunk. She, however, owned up to her decision, after much pressure from Ebuka, stating plainly that Lucy is difficult to work with.


Ebuka asked about her newfound situatiosnhip with Praise, and the 30-year-old Lucy gushed like a 13-year-old. But eventually disclosed that she likes Praise.


Brighto, who had stated to Kiddwaya at some point last week that he thought Neo was fake, came with a script. He was asked what he meant by the statement. Well, he denied five times, that he ever made such comments. Neo seemed to be cracking up in the corner.


Ebuka did his best to shake the Prince and Tolanibaj’s relationship but to no avail. When the question of Tolanibaj, not being Prince’s first choice came up, Prince refuted this, explaining that she is indeed his first choice, as he doesn’t recall ever making a choice prior to being with her. He later declared that he and Tolanibaj are an item.

Erica denounces Laycon

It came as no surprise to the viewers when Ebuka mentioned Vee giving advice to Laycon, about the whole Erica situation. But to Erica, it was an alarming revelation. She looked to be struggling with the fact that Laycon has been discussing her behind her back.

She spoke to Vee about the issue, protesting that she had done nothing to Laycon, to warrant being continually gossiped by him. She also couldn’t figure out why he hasn’t moved on. “I’m so done with Laycon.” a visibly upset Erica concluded as she walked away.

Biggie Brother returns

Big Brother returned from his ‘vacation,’ yesterday and the sound of his voice prompted excitement all across the house. The excitement, however, was short-lived, as Big Brother’s first line of duty was to punish the housemates.

On the chopping block were Erica, Ozo, Tolanibaj, and Kiddwaya.

Erica, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj

Erica, Kiddwaya, and Tolanibaj were all issued a strike for breaking the house rule on the use of the head of house lounge. Big Brother seemed displeased that they would infringe on visitation hours, and blatantly ignore his warning earlier in the week.

Big Brother had instructed that the bed in the head of house lounge was for both the head of house and deputy head of house, but all three of them ignored this, and Kiddwaya who was head of house, allowed Erica, who isn’t the deputy to sleep on the bed, and what’s worse, they did this, way past visitation hours. Both of them were punished for this. On the other hand, Tolanibaj was punished for encouraging them.

Ozo and Erica 

Erica was issued another strike, this time for whispering. Her and Ozo, were both issued a strike for infringement on communication rules. The housemates under no circumstance, are not allowed to be deliberately inaudible, that is no whispering, no speaking in native dialect and no speaking in codes. Unfortunately, both Ozo and Erica were found guilty of breaking some of these rules and as such punished accordingly.

This made it Erica’ second strike, which means that she will be disqualified if she flouts one more rule.

Other punishments

Big Brother also punished the rest of the housemates by failing them for their wager challenge, even though as he said, they did a nice job, Big Brother also banned them from using hot water to bath. This is as a result of a general disregard for the house rules, and unruly behaviour by the housemates.

Dorothy and Wathoni set boundaries for Brighto

It would seem like Brighto has become the house’s new ladies man. The ever cool, calm and collected Brighto has seen his own fair share of ladies sleeping on his bed. From Kaisha to Wathoni, to Dorothy, it seems that most single ladies in the house derive some level of comfort around him.

Owing to this, Dorothy opted to set the record straight with Wathoni. During a conversation both ladies had, Dorothy explained that although she has slept on his bed, and she would dance with him in the club, what she feels for Brighto is completely platonic.

Her point was to clear the air with Wathoni,to avoid any other unnecessary drama. Wahoni seems to be getting closer and closer with Brighto, and Dorothy refuses to be a catalyst in that.

How the Housemates voted

Housemates Nomination
Tolanibaj Praise and Vee
Nengi Praise and Wathoni
Brighto Trikytee and Praise
Dorathy Vee and Trikytee
Laycon Wathoni and Trikytee
Lucy Wathoni and Trikytee
Prince Wathoni and Vee
Ozo Praise and Trikytee
Erica Wathoni and Vee
Kiddwaya Vee and Praise
Neo Wathoni and Praise

Praise and Wathoni had 6 votes, TrickyTee and Vee both had 5 votes. In the end, Praise was evicted.

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