#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Lucy proclaims Kiddwaya her only friend, denounces Dorothy and Prince as friends

Lucy causes a huge stir in the house

Yesterday, Lucy caused a bit of a problem in the house, when she rejected to be in the same team with Kiddwaya. Read story here…

For the sake of the task, the housemates decided to just let Lucy select the team she wants to be in, but after the task presentation, the housemates picked up their boxing gloves again.

Lucy was scolded by her closest friends in the house, Dorothy and Prince – the same Dorothy and Prince who always have her back found it hard to take her side on this one.

Some of the other housemates also had somethings to say:


Erica’s problem with Lucy was how she handled the whole team issue. She met with Lucy to discuss the altercation. Lucy pointed out that she doesn’t work well with the people on her initial team, but Erica disagreed, stating that it would have gone well if she had a more positive mindset. They had a civil discussion about it and were able to agree.


Neo’s problem with Lucy was how she always refuses to be a team player. Neo also pointed out that he doesn’t work well with certain people and has been on a losing streak as a result, but the one thing he would never do is point fingers. He alluded to the fact that win or lose, he will not single any one person as the fault.


Prince had an issue with Lucy always giving the head of house every week a huge problem, arguing that if it were Big Brother who gave the instructions she wouldn’t dare decline, but the moment the instruction comes from a head of house, she attempts to be antagonistic.


Dorothy simply found it difficult to take sides with her friend on this one. She disagreed with the way Lucy handled the team issue and told her she is too emotional.

Prince loses his temper

After hearing Lucy question his friendship with her, Prince immediately lost his mind. He began yelling at Lucy about how insulting what she insinuated was.

He made mention of how he is always there for her, even when no one else is. He made mention of how he always checks up on her, especially when she is absent from the group. And he talked about how he always takes her side in the house, and how it was annoying that this one single altercation will undo all the times he has been there for her.

Dorothy had the same issue, stating that she has on numerous occasions taken Lucy’s side even though she was clearly wrong, and would later have a private conversation on with her on what she truly thought.

Lucy proclaims Kidd as her only friend

After a heated conversation in the room, Lucy left and went to the garden. There she had a conversation with Kiddwaya and Erica. She was upset that Dorothy and Prince were the key players in the altercation and denounced them as friends.

She would later mention that Kiddwaya, who this whole thing is about, is more of a friend than Dorothy and Prince. She claimed that Kidd would often hug her and be there for her even though she offends him, but Dorothy would decide to make side comments.

Kidd asked her if she wanted a hug, and the teary Lucy smiled and asked why. Erica responded that everyone needs a hug and Lucy obliged Kiddwaya.

Task for the day 

For the Thursday weekly wager, the housemates were instructed to depict the characters of evicted housemates this season, and they seemed to have a lot of fun with this.

TirckyTee, who stuffed himself with clothing to mimic Ka3na, acted as MC. His outfit was such a distraction that housemates couldn’t stop chuckling.

Kiddwaya and Dorothy played the role of Eric and Lilo perfectly, and their depiction of Lilo’s and Eric’s relationship in the house was spot on. Kidd, being buff of his own, did well to imitate the muscular Eric, and Dorothy, tried her best in acting like an infatuated teen.

“It is what it is.” The housemates yelled in unison as Ozo gave us his best impression of Tochi. And Vee’s impression of Praise made the rest of the housemates get up and go dance in front of the mirror. She made the best impression of anyone, by far and the reaction she got from the housemates was rather entertaining to watch.

Following a tough act, Laycon played the role of Brighto, and Nengi did her best to impersonate Wathoni. After which the housemates said a few words about their evicted friends. It was a wonderful presentation in all, and we can’t wait to hear what Biggie thinks.

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