#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Was Ozo picking Dorothy over Nengi as his Deputy HOH the right thing?

Ozo and Dorothy

Day 15 in the Big Brother Naija house was fairly uneventful right up to the head of house games.

Head of house games

Similar to the previous weeks, the housemates were to participate in a life size dice game for the chance to become Head of House (HOH).

Some did great, while others were not so lucky. In the end, Ozo emerged victorious, saving him from possible eviction this week. However, he had a terribly important decision to make, which was who his deputy would be, and by extension who he is saving from the pressures of possible eviction this week.

Ozo had won, but was faced with the daunting decision of selecting a vice, considering that his options were his best friend and Dorothy his love interest Nengi.

Unsurprisingly to some, and down right shocking to others, Ozo choose Dorothy to be his deputy and like Dorothy stated “I accept with my full chest.”

This move looked like it got to Nengi, as she wore a disappointed look on her face while the announcement was being made.

She also withdrew for some time, but not after Ozo had for some reason gone to explain and apologize to her for not choosing her.

She reassured him countless times that it was fine and he didn’t have to be apologetic for not choosing her. She said the only reason she was sad was because she herself didn’t win the HOH game.

Neo continues to butt in

Last night, Neo decided to continue playing interference as he confronted Dorothy over the whole love triangle thing. He explained to Dorothy that she is the reason why Ozo seems torn. He told Dorothy that she is coming in between Nengi and Ozo, because she too is indecisive whether she wants a relationship or a friendship. His point was that, if Dorothy claims to be a friend,’ then why doesn’t Ozo feel comfortable speaking to a friend’ about who he likes.


In response, Dorothy deduced that if Ozo and Nengi were truly a thing, then Ozo wouldn’t be so torn. She reiterated that Nengi is not serious with the prospect of a relationship, and that’s why she’s not comfortable with Ozo going for her.

Dorothy’s point was that, if Ozo and Nengi had a real thing, Ozo wouldn’t even have time for Dorothy, let alone Dorothy be cited as reason why they haven’t sealed the deal. She told him to get it straight, if he wants to go for her then he should go for her, instead of one day, he is with her, the next, he is avoiding her.

Tension amongst the ladies

Yesterday, Tolanibaj and Erica, had a friendly conversation about the girls they don’t like in the house.

Tolani spoke about Wathoni giving her an attitude all week. She said she suspected it was because of Prince.

She also spoke about ex-housemate Ka3na and plainly stated that she didn’t like her. “I avoided her like a plague.” She said.

Erica on the other hand, said she liked Ka3na, basically because Ka3na was always nice to her. They concluded that Erica’s sweet girl disposition is reason why people are nice to her, unlike Tolani who looks like someone not to be messed with.

They both laughed at Erica’s attempt to mimic Tolani’s mean mug.

On the other end, Wathoni spoke to Trickytee about how she doesn’t want to look like she is fighting over a guy. She too, apparently noticed the tension between herself and Tolani.

Tolanibaj says it’s all or nothing

Since the Saturday night party, there has been this thing going on between Tolanibaj and Prince. The pair have been caught in a number of conversations, most of which revolve around relationships.

Yesterday, they got to more talking and Tolani insisted that she doesn’t want to be in a friendship with Prince. She stated that she can’t do friendships, but can be cordial. “I don’t know what you talk about with Nengi and Wathoni. And apparently this is an octagon, it’s not even a triangle.” She stated earlier.

She later stated that she doesn’t want a relationship anymore, because she is beginning to look like a joke.

Late night gist

While most of the housemates had retired for the night, Nengi hung with Tochi, Brighto, Kiddwaya, and Eric.

It was nice to see Eric come out his shell, engaging in conversations and making everyone laugh. The boys took turns in stating what they like about Nengi, most of them alluded to her beauty, and oddly enough her humility. According to Tochi, he didn’t expect a girl as beautiful as Nengi, to be as nice as she was.

They spoke about sex and how many rounds they can go. Nengi said she can go as many rounds as possible. “I like to satisfy my man, I will not get sore anything, its always juicy.”

Brighto responded that he can go for six rounds. In all it was a fun conversation to cap up the night.

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