#YNaijaBBNOp-ed: From ‘the spec’ to ‘the obsessed;’ Ozo may end up being disqualified

If The Big Brother Naija reality TV show is a social experiment, there will be no greater case study this season than the relationship between Ozo and Nengi. Their story so far has been nothing short of amusing, but lately, amusing has evolved to troubling as Ozo seems unfamiliar with the concept of personal space.


As difficult as it may be to believe, there was once a time when Ozo rejected Nengi’s advances – that time when Nengi was desperately clamouring for Ozo’s attention. So much so that she had to confront him and ask him why he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I guess we have an answer to her question, and that answer is the fact that when guys like Ozo fall, they fall intensely hard.

A mere look at this pair, and it’s easy to see why the viewers are so mushy towards their relationship.

The problem however is, there isn’t really a relationship between these two, at least not a romantic one. Both Ozone shippers and Ozo himself seem to be struggling with this fact.

Ozo’s gradual descent into the abyss of pure delusion was initially cute to watch. Ozo and Nengi clearly had a spark and it was cute to see Ozo persist while Nengi played hard to get. It was a play straight out of a Julie Garwood novel.

But nowadays, the description of what is going on between these two couldn’t be anything further from cute.

From the adorable boy meets girl story, to the creepy stalker story, Ozo may end up getting himself in a heap of trouble if he doesn’t tone it down.

He barely gives Nengi any breathing space, he doesn’t let her socialise with anyone else, especially the guys, specifically Kiddwaya, he doesn’t know when to keep his hands to himself, and worst of all, when Nengi raises any of these as an issue of concern, he doesn’t listen.



Neo is the only one who has talked to him about this obsession, telling Ozo that he is a spec, and will have the attention of so many ladies once he leaves the house.

From staring at Nengi when she is sleeping to chasing Kiddwaya away when he wanted to hang out with both of them, to abandoning his task rehearsal to go look for Nengi, to writing a love letter. Let’s not forget when Ozo said he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Ozo might have gone far and beyond to get some of the viewers worried. He is always in Nengi’s space and she has told him repeatedly that she wants him to back off.

Possible reason for his obsession

If we were to take a quick look behind the rationale of Ozo’s obsession, a good place to start would be from a revelation he made some weeks ago. Ozo stated that he is not great with the ladies as he has not been in a relationship before.


Ozo’s definition of a perfect love tale is probably from movies and perhaps books, or maybe stories he has heard, where the guy persists and eventually wins the girl.

Away from fantasy and fiction, this sort of tenacity would only get you a restraining order or embarrassment. Just ask Frodd, who is still BBN’s friendly neighbour chump.

Ozo remains a fan favourite no doubt, and in our estimation, is more prime to win the game than Nengi herself, and in all honesty, may just be Laycon’s only competition. But, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that his obsession may inadvertently be costing both Nengi and himself the game, and if he pushes too far, he may end up being slapped with a harassment charge and find himself on the receiving end of a disqualification.

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