#YNaijaPowerList2021: Davido, Ola Brown, Tacha, Dare Adekoya, Tunde Ednut listed among most powerful young Nigerians


Natacha Akide

From appearing on the Big Brother Naija game show to garnering one of the most devout fan bases on social media, Natcha Akide, known simply as Tacha has since her departure from the show become a force to reckon with. She, for most of last year was a walking breathing tren. Her name came up every day on Twitter as there was always a conversation centered around her. These days, Tacha has shown that there is more to her than what appeared on the BBN show. She has shown herself to be very intelligible, delivering expert opinions on social and political issues. She is a contestant in the thirty-seventh season of the MTV reality competition; The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. She also took home the Trend Up Award Force of Twitter 2021. She took home The Net Honors Most Popular Person 2021. She continues to be a force on Social media and one of the most powerful voices online.

Temi Popoola

Temi popoola is a Conference Moderator, Lawyer, Journalist, and of course mentor. She is the ambitious young mind behind the organization; Voices and Faces, a company which provides services ranging from content strategy to brand consulting to leadership development. Her experience as a journalist for CNBC Africa and TW Magazine, has propelled her into the business of education.

As such, she has become a business influencer with a mandate to educate the next generation of Africans on the use of media and technology in harnessing their skills. She is a LinkedIn Influencer and is globally recognized on the platform. When she gives an opinion her legion of followers listen. She was listed as one of the Top 50 Personalities on Linkedin in Nigeria by The Ruby Hub.

Dr. Chinonso Egemba

Popularly known as Aproko Doctor, Chinoso Egemba has taken on the responsibility of dispelling health myths, and instead educating the social media public on precise and instructive health tips and practices. He typically juggles between giving health tips, life hacks, and opinion on social issues.  He is a Twitter influencer with around 1 million followers, whose goal is to end certain stigmas about health concerns. However, outside of social media, DR. Chinoso is a Medical Doctor, Health Communications Expert, Public Health Advocate, and blogger, who runs his own blog site, dedicated to articles on how to live a healthy life.

Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey

Like the Aproko doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo is a health professional who has taken to social media to help spread the word on how to properly take care of one’s health. From tips and reminders on basic proper hygiene, to full on threads about deadly diseases, Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey always finds time to bring such issues to everyone’s attention. He was a gem to Nigerian during the pandemic, as he helped quell panic, and educate people on how to manage the crises. He was also vocal during the #Endsars movement and was key on passing on information that made the protests go more smoothly. When he is not speaking on the subject of health, he is speaking on issues of politics or any other trending topic. And with around 300,000 followers on Twitter alone, you can be sure that his point gets across.

Iwe Pascal (Poco Lee)

Arguably the biggest dancer to emerge from Nigeria since Kaffy, Poco Lee, thanks to his inventive, infectious and sometimes complex dance steps has become a trendsetter all across Africa. He is a hype man, and dance influencer who has around 3.8 million followers on Instagram waiting for him to drop his next dance step. His affiliation with Davido’s 30 GB has a made him a powerful influencer in the world of dance. He is one of the engineers of the viral zanku and legwork dance, and he has a variation of the leg work named after him.

Ikorodu Bois

With just mid-level, low budget productions, these young boys have gone from being a couple of young men living in the impoverished parts of Ikorodu, to influencing the sale of movies globally. The Ikorodu Bois are a group of young filmmakers who have taken to the art of reenactment and have received great rewards for it. One look at their work and you would be itching to see the original, so much so that in the past year, they got the attention of Netflix and other international celebrities. For their work they have been mentioned by names like Will Smith, Alvaro Morte, and Chris Hemsworth. Last year they were invited by the Russo Brothers to attend the premiere of the movie, Extraction 2. This year, they featured in a Netflix Oscar Weekend Film Brand Campaign which was on display at Time’s Square in New York City.

Adenola Adepetun (Denola Grey)

Denola Grey is a fashion enthusiast and style blogger who runs his own fashion/lifestyle blog site. For some time now, he has been big influence in the fashion scene in Nigeria. His flawless, classy, and unique style has become a stuff of legend, one which would take a fellow fashion enthusiast to imitate. Never the less, he has a massive following on social media, a number of them who visit his page to be up to date on the latest stylish fashion trend. He also runs his own consulting agency: Denola Grey Consulting, and acts in movies.

Yemisi Sophie Odusanya

Yemisi Sophie Odusanya popularly known as Sisi Yemmie is an ideal family expert whose skills and opinions spans anything that has to do with creating a good home. She is a chef who you can count on the have the recipes for some of the most delicious Nigerian delicacies. She is a mother who is not shy about speaking on motherhood and parenting. She is also versed in the topic of career growth and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. With about 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 183,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that she is one of the biggest food influencers in the country.

Josh Alfred (Josh 2 Funny)

Like the moniker suggests, Josh 2 Funny, is a comedian who since his entry into comedy has been a joy to Nigerians. Like most content creators on Instagram, Josh 2 Funny is all about making people laugh, but what he has that only a handful of other content creator has is the ability to create trends. He is the architect of the “All my guys are ballers joke” and last year he created the #don’tleavemechallenge, which became a global thing. He is an actor, a content creator, a standup comedian, and an Influencer, and with almost 2 million followers on Instagram, Josh has become one of the country’s most recognizable social media sensations. 

Rebecca Nengi Hampson

She is an ex-Big Brother Naija housemate who has truly made the most of the exposure the show afforded her. Possessing the conflicting abilities of staying relevant as a BBN housemate and out of controversy at the same time, Nengi has built a personal brand that has become attractive to big name corporations. She is one of the hottest brand ambassadors right now, representing beauty companies, food companies, beverage companies, financial companies and more. Last year she was appointed Senior Special Assistant to the, Bayelsa State Governor. Asides having a powerful online presence, she also dabbles in entertainment, as she was casted in the 2020 hit movie RattleSnake: The Ahana story. She also featured in a short story produced by Broda Shaggi, showing dexterity in the business of entertainment. She has a legion of online fans behind her, one that peaked to a million on Instagram even while she was still a contestant on the Big Brother show.

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