Phil Smart: Your right to write (30 days, 30 voices)

While none can deny reading and its king place in learning, no reading is possible except from that which has first been written, nor will any  idea come to fruition if it was not first documented in some way. While many may think and talk, a thought is often best contemplated and analysed   if viewed from without than within.

Writing takes time. It might be uncomfortable, even irritating, but that time spent in ink to paper is very often the foundation from which dreams become wins. Writing need not conform to rule or style; the paper might be rumpled or the PC, a sorry pentium 2. It need not be  ‘sent from my iPad’ or bear some other smart declaratory stamp, but it’s very important in making things work for those intent on making a way.

If making plans for a wedding, write. If jilted by a lover, write. If aspiring for election, write. Even if building a yam barn…nothing written could come off worse. Rather, on review, you might indeed correct and refine, with  result very much worth your while.

Long ago, I learnt to put my thought in words. It  hasn’t always brought hugs and praise, but no one can say I never expressed. You cannot begin to imagine, how many valuable journals of science, or novels of life and fiction, or even the best inspiration in fashion, music and art, get lost because of a laziness to put down in print.

Have you ever had a brilliant idea? or imagined yourself in some improved circumstance? Have you ever known in your mind what would work or wondered why  some act was not better done by some?  Well, the reason why your hunch could no difference make, was because you chose not to move beyond  your drool.

Don’t get me wrong; the rules of life are not about to change, at least for now, actions will still speak louder than words. But your thoughts will have no chance of flight, nor will any action be taken on them if you have not documented that which you felt was right.

Now, you might overlook this as mere reproof, a treatise just to occupy your time, but you wouldn’t even an opinion have had,  if you didn’t the time take to read what I myself did write. So young man, old man, farmer, diva or leader, reflect in writing… and yes, you do have the time.

It need not be chapters on end; it might just be some scribble on bark. It need not win the Pulitzer, or rival the legend of Achebe or Soyinka. No, I’m not talking about your school work, or that report your boss demands to give your pay, this is about putting those words, those thoughts, those ideas; those hopes, those trials and triumphs. The passion, regret, or mere observation, muse or poem, into readable form for others to see.

Just start somehow, don’t at all be shy. A pocket book and pen costs no more than a coke, and will do as a starting point. It’s never ever too late in the day, and you can never predict the end of what you write…

Don’t worry about grammar or lexicon, don’t be limited by language, education or sophistication, the Queen’s English is only mother tongue to a few–Speaker Masari started in plumbing; Bill Gates, a restless dropout. So who you can’t be, is only who you choose not to be…there are no bounds to where the words you cast might rise.



About the author: ‘Phil Smart’ is an online character sharing ideas and views about development and life in contemporary Nigeria and beyond. While the i.d was created to surprise long lost friends on social media, it has attained definite recognition and dedicated readership. Phil Smart’s thoughts are guided by a mountain of practical life experiences and rigorous self achievement.


Editor’s note: Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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  1. I just stumble upon this write up and it's like it was written for me.Lately,I just came up with this idea of putting my thoughts into writing and I've been amazed at my own level of writing.I know there are no big words in it but you'll know what am trying to express through my writings.I hope to start blogging very soon.

  2. @Ynaija, the version of this Mr Phil Smarts work here on the PC is different from what i get my galaxy/ipad, the one on the ipad is much better, why is this. Very good piece either which ways. more grease to writer and publisher

  3. Good write up. Writing is actually not as difficult as people may think. To start you've got to get started. Really helps in self-development.

  4. The best article i have read so far in the series,the writer combines poetic delivery with articulate admonition.i hope there is a prize for this. Dr Abu Samaila

  5. Very good writeup. I still don't like your politics 'sha'!

  6. A writeup of high creativity,Ynaija we need more of this

  7. Excellent article, the best so far i have read in this series, the writer combines poetic delivery and admonition that will encourage even the most adverse to take up writing on some scale

  8. And when writing, remove extra spaces from your article.

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