Album review: On ‘Once upon a time’, Tiwa Savage isn’t quite sure what she wants to be

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3 Responses

  1. Nonsense review, d album ws tight, don jazzy production ws heavy as usual, tiwa ws also on point..

  2. Tosin says:

    Without my heart wasn’t “mixed”, it was horrendous.
    The second stupid thing was “fiance took away my shame.”
    It’ll take me a while to recover from two bombs like those.

    So I’m not a fan, but as she’s all famous, I will give the album a try, with really low expectations. Because after “I Wish” I dared to hope for Waje but she hurt my feelings. Waje, you actually have talent, but you’re bringing your art down to pop level. Misguided. Very lost. Please hang out with Cobhams. Don’t talk to Burna Boy. Yeah, that’s what to do.

    Look, I too don’t understand why I don’t like her music, or Beyonce’s or (horrendous too) Destiny’s Child. But I respect them for being women who “want it.” Tiwa is not lost like Waje. She just wants to succeed. I was really happy for her Pepsi gig – like cooool. But musically, I don’t know joo.

    Guess I just really want my artistes to have more to offer than grit and hustle. I like it when they just make it look like wow so easy.

  3. Tosin says:

    “just pandering, surrendering to market dictates while throwing a bit of her true self in between.” that would be my review, before even listening to the album. Hey, if pandering works, right?

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