Chimamanda Adiche pens an elegy to Chinua Achebe in Igbo [READ, TRANSLATION]

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    ihe nke a puru onu okwukwu, ma na ge nti n’ihe omimi nile o dere na akwukwo anyi ga enwe ako na uche di ka ya .

  • victor nwadike

    This is a grossly inappropriate poetic translation.

  • Bartholomew chioma

    My great Icon,may your humble and wise soul rest in the bosom of the onnipotent you,miss you bye.

  • ToyosiOla

    May his soul rest in peace. My tribute to him :

  • Kazeem Adeboye

    I wonder why, why it has to be baba. Some see wisdom in dying. It sure is inevitable. For we all shall go one day. My grouse is in the timing. Though we have no right, don’t dare say power, to cease death from doing it’s rounds. If death needed visa, the American embassy would sure not grant it one. But I have a question for you. O! Death, why not the bad? Why leave the evil ones. O! Death, why now? Why not ever? Death, why our Chinua Achebe. Why?

  • Kanyinulia

    May his soul rest in the Lord’s bossom Amen!

  • Chidi

    I’m still short of words and dumbfounded… Just rest in the Lord’s bosom, mentor. #SleepOn

  • Azeezat

    Chinua Achebe, naba no ndokwa,
    O ga-adili gi mma,
    Naba na ndokwa.

    Chinua Achebe, sun n re o
    Daadaa ni ti e
    Sun n ree o

    Chinua Achebe rest in peace,
    It shall be well with you.
    Rest in peace.