Chinedu Ekeke: “You cannot change the PDP, the PDP will change you” (Part 2)

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  1. bukola says:

    Hmmmmm… Bros, I don’t know whether to start clapping for you or start dancing alanta! You said it ALL! Without bias…

    The money being thrown around in that party is mad money! It swallows you up so fast, you actually lose yourself. Segun Adeniyi and Rueben Abati are examples, never in my life would I have imagined those 2 men playing tunes that they have sttod against for years. My disappointment was truly deep…

    Ohimai, you cannot change PDP. You are outnumbered by men 3 times your age that have no intention of budging.

  2. Kabolobari says:


  3. Nimrodking says:

    He never lets me down, a true Patriot and soldier in d frontline of d fight 4 d change we all desire…. @Ekekeee, well said bruv.

  4. Another envious piece of thrash, leave Ohimai alone, go do your bit, there’s enough space for all to show their stuff, we MUSNT all be in govt or spend all our time in envy masked criticism,of those there

  5. chidi says:

    ekeke, nice piece as usual. ur points are clear but i disagree with some of them tho. PDP might not be a ‘great’ party going by achievements. looking at it from an angle of size, spread… it is a ‘great’ party. u mentioned people who according to u were ‘changed’ by PDP. was El rufai changed? was Ribadu changed? there are more +++ . No party in Nigeria has an ideology. Not ACN,not PDP, not CPC. from the PDP have come the good, the bad and the ugly. tho the bad has been more. we hv PDP govs doing relatively good.
    why do we think people make decisions because of monetary gains?? Ohimai’s decision may not be palatable to so many people, but the truth be told, if we can never win unless we change the system. only minimal change can come from the outside. the real work must be done on the inside. one thing I know,PDP can be changed.
    I wish Ohimai the best tho. pls prove the doubters wrong.

  6. blcompère says:

    “Ohimai cannot change PDP; PDP will change Ohimai. He will either be appointed the head of ballot-box snatchers or cult boys recruitment. Yet, he will not leave because the compensation system has been designed to attract any, and every, mind that has not given money its place in their lives. I don’t know if Ohimai has.”

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post Sir, but from the above quote called from your post, I can conclusively say that this is more of a post targeted on the subject than a post to showcase the failings of PDP.
    I still insist that personal integrity outweighs a polluted structure. Do check my timeline for today at for more details. Cheers!

  7. kanayo says:

    It was well captured, bro. Obviously, he prefers it ready-made. Little wonder he never joined the party he campaigned for the presidential candidate. He probably did the campaign not believing in the cause, but hoping to bring himself to limelight and brag as the youngest to have done that. It’s good, tho, that we can see his true colour early enough. I hope God exposes all of them disguising as change activists. Is there a way any angel can save the devil from hell?

  8. rete says:

    A large number of us are screaming at the fact that he joined PDP. Would it have stirred the waters more if he had chosen any of the other two(ACN,CPC)parties? If we the youth already have it in mind that it had to be for finacial reasons he joined PDP,I wonder who we can trust? He wants to pursue his political ambition and he has choosen a platform,let’s encourage him and see what comes out of his decision. Ohimai,we are all watching you.

  9. Ada Mmazi says:

    oh please, Ekeke Chinedu sit your ass down. We know you well right from your SUG president days in ABSU. I will hold my peace. Haven’t you started arming yourself for the lime light with your 20million whatever? who knows what you will do by 2015. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP

  10. duke Emeka says:

    Jealousy, I guess U̶̲̥̅̊ wished you were there.

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