“Declaring amnesty for Boko Haram will be an act of wickedness” – Ayo Oritsejafor

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8 Responses

  1. aminu yakubu says:

    This CAN president hate d muslims and he can’t do us anything. Let him stop pretending he should go straight to his main intention by calling on d President to declear war on d muslims. We have suffered most in this crisis and yet this bigot is talking nonsense. Let d president listen to his main agenda and declear war on d muslims

    • Mike says:

      Truth is bitter when said….I see nothing wrong in what he said..what is BK agitating for?…granting them amnesty is really baseless and useless….and is even a shameful act for them to accept it the amnesty…why not fight until Nigeria is Turn to Islamic state…useless and shameful human…shame on you people.

    • cresay says:

      Yakubu what did u suffer? How many mosques were bombed, how many muslims bombed or slain like rams, let d continue now, what happened to middle east will happen to dem, CAN president did not say anytin negative about muslims but against Boko haram or are u one, Y dis arrogant defence, Christianity does not preach against any religion unlike u muslims dat call none muslims arna an all sorts of names, imagine muslim scholar who knew notin abt Jesus sayin dat Jesus did not die dat He was in coma, am sure if it were a christian dat preached anytin contrary to muslims believe world war III would have started in nija.

    • Togotex says:

      Who is talking of hatred? Kill all d christian, is dat not d message in mosques

  2. ibrahim yuSuf says:

    We want peace and a path toward. The it was created u r there saying non sense bcos u r not leaving. In area god will surely judgé you.

  3. Mekee says:

    Yakubu why are u taking this issue so personal. U even isulted Rev Orisajafore. We need 2 b careful and more inteligent in our utterances on national issues. The views expressed by Rev Ayo is ballanced and acceptable. U can melt if u like.

  4. Mekee says:

    Yakubu did l hear u call Rev Ayo a bigot and dat he was talking nonsense? Haaa u must b totally insane. U have sinned against God and God will judge u as He would judge d heartless killings of boko haram terror atacks in Nigeria. We are watching. We are not fools but God fearing.

  5. Mekee says:

    Yakubu honestly your comment here is very unfortunate and totslly disrespectful. For u to say Rev Ayo is a bigot and dat he talks nonsense shows you are insane and irresponsible. You dont fear God and u dont have elders at home. The Rev has submitted a balanced and acceptable response. U can melt if u care to, bulshit.

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