Demola Adesina: Why this should be a wake up call for D’banj

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14 Responses

  1. mate says:

    demola…..why r u feeding pple with lies?smh……

  2. Ajibade Oluwatobi says:

    it was fun filled it was a blast.

  3. And people actually paid about a million Naira for the show, what the fuck is VVVV(VIP)? I am sure no body in the USA will even pay 1000 $ to see Jay Z, Madonna and Eddie Murphy all in one night, one stage in an open arena. Kokoconcert and all the extortion shows in Nig are bullshit.And here we are people complaining about fuel subsidy removal.

  4. Hush! D'banj fall my hand o. I believe he would learn from that and wake up truly.

  5. saheed says:

    in dis country dt poverty is ringing tone.may GOD save us 4rm dis country amen

  6. quite! Organising an Event is quite diff from showing 6packs!

  7. I knew ths wil defnitly hapen rit frm d begining of d saga.waky waky d b.

  8. shakira says:

    If what Demola has said is true, I’m glad I sat my behind @ home…there I was almost crying cos I missed d concert. I think I would have loved d walk on d beach though! I’m glad Tinie Tempah and Big Sean did well on stage…Dbanj Dbanj, I still love u bro….I just miss u saying “its don jazzy again”

  9. Uwa Odefa says:

    Hahaha! I just dey laugh o! Hehehe!

  10. Josh says:

    Mate on and Ajibade am not sure u guys were @ d party,I was not der also but I see it live was a big flop even my friends dat went confirm when dey came back.D’banj need to re invente himself.some of us love s music but d show was rubbish.

  11. pp says:

    Why are you so contempted with writing bringing down successful people. This story is wack and U are definitely killing ur site. Na wa oooo. Lies lies lies

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