ExcuseSir? Some corps members can’t even speak English – NYSC DG

by Rachel Ogbu

The Director-General of NYSC, Brig-Gen. Nnamdi Okore-Affia has bad news: he revealed yesterday that some Nigerian graduates taking part in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme can hardly communicate in the English Language.

It was a shocking revelation in Ilorin, capital of Kwara state, as Okore-Affia gave a speech during the 2013 batch A pre-mobilisation workshop.

“Unfortunately too, we have corps members who can hardly communicate in English Language let alone being able to teach in the classrooms. This worrisome development has resulted in a situation whereby members of the public wrongly condemn the NYSC for the poor academic standards displayed by these corps members,’’ Okore- Affia said.

He said the inability of academic institutions to produce eligible corps members had become an extraordinary task for NYSC management.

According to reports, many principals of schools and other employers were ejecting corps members posted to their schools and offices and stressed that it was difficult to even re-orientate such corps members.

“Going through the figures presented for mobilisation by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) in year 2012, it was discovered that many exceeded the admission quota approved by regulatory bodies by as much as 500 per cent in extreme cases,” he said.

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  1. How would we not degenerate to this level, when good grades are meant for the highest bidder and not on merit. Until our value system change from just celebrating rich people with questionable wealth above people that got to wherever they are by stint hard work.

  2. Rubish! as long as they are not dumb, who cares? 98% will end up being self employed anyway, so who cares about vocabulary, afterall they can speak their own languages, stupid director with a colonial mentality, Chinese, Japanese and Germans promotes their languages by studying with it and that’s the reason they are where they are today, but in Naija we derives pride in foreigh language. it only shows we cannot be truly free. that's why they call us fucking Nigerians.

  3. Our educational issues are multi-faceted, all the 'players' are involved directly or otherwise…if we accept this fact, it become easier to embattle it…meanwhile, both intrinsic and extrinsic cheater are undoubtedly dangerous, hence, the need to encourage role models to show positive examples worthy of emulation…speak good english, refuse bribe, hold unto policies unless with genuine exemptions…

  4. We must be re-informed that out-spokenness,intelligence and understanding are not evenly distributed among US, hence, we must fall back to the remote and immediates 'whys' of such flaws among Corps; from there we adjust gradually towards proficiency, if all thing be equal…we are now mostly concerned with 'nominal' education at the forfeit of 'applied' education…meanwhile, 'educational re-orientation' is utmostly needed…