‘My Oga at the top’ remix: We’d have wanted you to Azonto to this, but… (WATCH)

Obafaiye Shema
Obafaiye Shema

by Isi Esene

If you think you’ve seen all is there to see on the embarrassing outing of Obafaiye Shem, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) on Channels Television morning programme recently, then think again.

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An hilarious video-mix created by DJ Ziggy has been released underscoring Shem’s interview boo-boo with many commenting on the sheer creativity behind it. Whichever way you see it, we don’t see the honourable commandant granting more interviews anytime soon.

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Watch the video-mix below:

Comments (10)

  1. Please I wan to ask b4 any other person say anything ask urself have ever made a mistake dat his more de dis one if u have never made dan comment more but if u have please just leave de man alone thank u b4 we Nigeria end of a family

  2. serves him right. a lesson for top placed officials. i”m sure his oga at the top does not even know the nscdc website or recite the national anthem. too much gbooa!

  3. Na wao! Which way 4fard? pls ask una oga at top…..wait! www. that's all…

  4. This man is some ones father and husband,we all make mistakes please don't make him do something we will all regret.

  5. For those that are surprised at the suspension, your way of thinking and mindset is why the country is at stand still as we don’t seem to identify what the problem is, do a review, put corrective measures in place and finally provide justice. Free speech and Media help to provide information to the public and to a degree act as checks and balances. In this case the commentators did not embarrass the “Oga at the Top” he chose to do it himself.

    1) Let me enlighten you; if you don’t know an answer to a question, you simply say currently I cannot provide you with the right response but happy to revisit shortly and right response will be provided. This would have been the moral response (not an answer) and I can assure you, that would have been the end of the saga.

    2) He was also asked of the recruiting process of NSCDC and his answer was the “the media will carry it” – please tell me if his “so called answer” has anything to do with technology or website? He’s simply incompetent.

    3) Him being in the system for many years does not legislate for his blunder. A competent spokesperson should have been hired to represent, this is the norm.

    Lastly, because his so called peers and Ogas at the top cannot do better than him does not mean he should not be disciplined. After all, the reason why this culture exist and common in Nigeria is because of lack of consequences and repercussions. I rest my case
    Demo baba

  6. Instead of some people to appreciate this creativity by Dj ziggy,they decide to advertise their products/services to cover this glory.whatever hapened to the proverb that says serve a king and kingship will come to your hand. Naija sef!!!everyone wan shine

  7. They should hold dose policeman they are d couse of d problem

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