“Nigeria is in a toxic situation” – President Obasanjo speaks exclusively to Y! Magazine

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5 Responses

  1. Henry Okpafi says:

    Here is a man who doesn’t like any sort of criticism. He contributed a lot to his so called toxic situation. When Idris Abdukareem sang:” Nigeria Jaga Jaga”, he OBJ almost tore him to shreds. Why is he now crying wolf when he’s a wolf himself. He should learn to keep his wide mouth and tick lips closed. Period!

  2. Lulah Dabale says:

    “Obasanjo(Baban-Iyabo) u did ur own allow ur son Jonathan to do his own.Just like any other leader,he’s bound to make sacrifice as well as mistakes but need d support of Nigerians to succeed.God bless Nigeria”.

  3. H.P says:

    OBJ has always been a confused man. He contributed in no little measure to d toxic situation in the country. What we need now, is solution to the problem and not a situation where one old man will be praising himself for been able to put d country together. He did not tell us if the country has broken up now. Yes, we faced with security problem but people shd not score cheap political points with it. All hands must be on deck to bring solution to this problem. Mr Obj wants Gej to be uncivil in handling the crises but Gej does not want that. either of the option has its gains and loses. But Gej has made a choice. Let’s just support the choice he made.

  4. gmentor gold says:

    very unfortunate to obasanjo to ulter such an urgly statement out.he haz forgetten the attrocity that he has course wit that toxic problem to this country

  5. Gbenga says:

    who is responsible for the toxic situation?was it not past presidents among whom Obasanjo is?nonsense

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