Out of the closet: Ellen Degeneres, Anderson Cooper, John Amaechi & 22 other celebrities who say they’re gay

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4 Responses

  1. OmogeNaija says:

    May God help them, but there’s something I don’t quite understand, in every gay relatuonship, there’s the guy and the girl, how do they determine that?
    Just curious, lol

    • NotaNigerian says:

      In every gay relationship there are two guys or two girls…that’s what a gay relationship means. And the taller one leads while dancing.

  2. Beauty says:

    In the gay relationship, one of the partner who is the dominating figure becomes the male….while the less dominating one is the female…Well, they are just obviously deceiving themselves……

    God made them male and female….If a human being created by God decides to accept himself or herself as “male or female”, it doesn’t change that exclusive gender the Almighty created Himself! Except they can confidently tell us that they were there with God and God made them He-she or She-he…..Watever,…. dis gay story is just a crap theory dat the devil is using to deceive pple!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oge says:

    They deceive themselves trying to give credence to what shouldn’t exist. U c how confused they are??? Hopping. 4rm being heterosexuals to bisexuals to homos and the rest! One of d Devils antics all in the name of freedom. I pray it’s not worse 4 them on d day of judgment than it was for Sodom and Gomorrah.

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