Owing workers salary could soon be a criminal offence as new bill passes second reading

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2 Responses

  1. the bill dat has had it’s second reading it’s a good idea it wll serve as a deterant to employers who have been delaying payments of salaries as at when dued, bcos i see no reason y they wll retain someone’s pay, then disburse it when it pleases them for no cos. I really tan God for this develpm cos most of these workers don’t hav sources of livlihoods only salary dependants, but d delay of salary cannot a principal reason y peopl go into crimes. Majority of Nigerian criminals r nt civil servants, bt jobless youths, bt also peopl in govt offices do criminate officially, ALL the same let us b truthful to ourselvs

  2. Ndifreke says:

    I don,t think making this law is the problem but implementing it, & how long with this law work,

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