Smoking hot! Meet man who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being TOO handsome? (PHOTOS)

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  • Firdausi

    ℓoℓ! Dis is crazy…. Shout out to d ugly ones ;)

  • mimi

    Awwh…soooooooo cute

  • Sau

    I think thr are a better looking guys than him

  • Erza Scarlet

    If he’s handsome then let’s accept it…don’t say you’ve seen men that are better looking…I think he’s pretty hot

  • Francis Aniekwe

    To repatriate people just because they are too handsome for the sake of their women is religious crazy! It just conotes that their women have no self control and that they don’t fear God at all!

  • Navida

    Call me crazy but where does this fine glass of wine live. Too cute. I thought arab/Persian/Asians were handsome so how is this one different? This story is not complete