Solomon Osadolo: Looking through time (Y! Superblogger)

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  • Ogbogu Kenny

    Yeah, nice piece on time like the present.
    In my own opinion though, contrary to what you wrote about there being no advantage or gain in knowing what’ll happen in the future, i think there is an advantage because there have been instances where persons were able to avert ominous scenarios by premonitions, prescience, or inspiration generally. And it paid off for them.
    I think the real question is, where are the sources from which these inspirations, premonitions and any other kind of preknowledge come from? And can we trust them?
    Because i believe there can be an advantage.
    That being written, nice write up, especially at the Achilles’speech part.

  • Isaac

    What a piece 4rm a curious gentleman!

    We tend to share interest in music, technology, general knowledge-seeking, philosophy & psychology sir.

    But there ‘re technical issues with this piece for men of letters like u. These ‘re less important in lieu of some existential realities of man that it presents.

    Also, this seems to have got you rather confused as expected with blends of human philosophy, psychology & culture of men away from God.

    Kindly expect a rejoinder or get curious with the Bible. It should help you link the dots in the right direction when done in the right spirit.

    This has personally saved me further embarrassments & assaults to the imaginations of my loved ones & friends.

    Had a one time president of American psychologist knew the condition of men as presented in the Bible; he would’nt have committed suicide when he couldn’t handle the struggles of his own life& I would’nt have misbehaved also.

    Best regards dear.