The story of Olawunmi Thorpe: ‘PHD holder, bank manager’ who lived and died in a rubbish dump

To passersby and residentsnear Fagba Bus Stop in Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos State, Olawunmi Thorpe was a deranged man who died homeless in the rubbish dump. However, reports following his demise revealed that Thorpe had a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Mass Communication and a PhD in English Language.

It was at about 5pm Wednesday last week when Larry Happiday and Dele Olawale, who had interest in Thorpe’s case before he died, noticed his lifeless body and decided to move him to somewhere better.

Happiday said the deceased was no stranger to him, he claimed he had known him for about a year and dropped by once in a while to give him food and ask about his background.

 “I began noticing him around Fagba about a year ago because I live around Fagba. One day in March, he approached me and I thought he was going to ask for money. But he did not.

“He told me it was his 58th birthday and begged me to buy him a Bible and a book, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’.

“The first thing that struck me about him was that he wasn’t the average destitute. He spoke good English with good diction.”

Happiday said he became interested in Thorpe’s case and would stop once in a while to check up on him at the spot, adding that he later bought him the book and the Bible.

 “He told me he was from a rich family in Abeokuta and that his father was a former Ambassador to Ethiopia. He also said he had his first and second degrees in Mass Communication and PhD in English language. But he did not say which year he got them or from which institution. However, when I stopped by one day, I met Pastor Olawale with him,” Happiday said.

Olawale explained that he first met Thorpe about four years ago. According to him too, the homeless man always asked him for a Bible.

The pastor explained that he got interested in Thorpe’s case when the man approached him one day while passing through the rail line at Fagba. He said he always asked Thorpe about his family and who could be contacted to take him away from the place.

He said, “I felt the place was not safe and he could still become something great if he got somebody to take care of him.

“He brought out a jotter containing phone numbers of some of his friends and relatives and he gave me that of a man he referred to as his uncle and head of the family – Bode Thorpe.

“I wanted to know why nobody had come to his rescue. In one of our conversations, he told me he was once a journalist. He said his father later established a community bank and made him the manager.”

According to Olawale, Thorpe told him there was a case of financial impropriety in the bank, resulting in his being jailed.

Thorpe was said to have explained that after he left jail, he had a road accident that affected his right leg.

“Since that day, Thorpe said his life took a turn for the worse. He said his family disowned him. I visited him regularly and gave him food when I could. I called the phone numbers of many of the family members he gave me, but most of them did not show any interest in him,” Olawale said.

Olawale and Happiday reportedly  teamed up to raise money from friends for Thorpe’s treatment.

It was gathered that Thorpe has children and that his mother is a retired army officer.

A trader around the spot where Thorpe lived, Biola Ajumo, said she once saw a man visit him.

“The look on the face of the young man, who visited him, showed that he was really sad. But it seemed the man (visitor) was his son because of the striking resemblance between them. Another resident said a girl had once visited him before.

But Happiday and Olawale, said Thorpe revealed little information about his children.

“I went there on Monday, October 29 to check up on him as usual and I discovered that he was lying down and could not stand up. He was mumbling and I quickly called pastor (Olawale) because I had a feeling he may soon die,” Happiday said.

But by the time they gathered money to get him help two days later, Thorpe had died.

His body was evacuated from the spot by the Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area authorities on Thursday after much pressure from Happiday and Olawale.

Reporters dialled the number of a man Thorpe referred to as his uncle.

Although the man identified himself as Bode Thorpe, he denied knowing the deceased.

“I have been getting strange calls like this. Go and find out who his relations are and stop pestering me with calls,” he said.



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  • hmmmmm…… Nigeria we hail thee!

    Dapo November 7, 2012 12:52 pm
    • Well said Diana!!

      Anyidiongo November 7, 2012 9:49 pm
  • This isn’t ordinary. Somebody amongst his relatives has a hand in dis. From the moment where he was jailed, thru the accident to his death. “The insect that feeds on the vegetable lives on the samme vegetable”.

    anonymous November 7, 2012 5:16 pm
  • Funny enough, I know this man very well. It’s sad to hear he’s now dead. He was a frequent passer-by at my church (RCCG Green Pastures), around the abbatoir at Fagba. He often reeked of alchohol, spoke in uncoordinated but impressive manners and also had a bible and a poly-bag with him. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve last seen him, but I know he has lived there for well over 6years. It’s sad to hear of his demise and I pray God grants eternal rest to his soul.Amen.

    Akano November 7, 2012 10:29 pm
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