The story of Olawunmi Thorpe: ‘PHD holder, bank manager’ who lived and died in a rubbish dump

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  • Dapo

    hmmmmm…… Nigeria we hail thee!

    • Anyidiongo

      Well said Diana!!

  • anonymous

    This isn’t ordinary. Somebody amongst his relatives has a hand in dis. From the moment where he was jailed, thru the accident to his death. “The insect that feeds on the vegetable lives on the samme vegetable”.

  • Akano

    Funny enough, I know this man very well. It’s sad to hear he’s now dead. He was a frequent passer-by at my church (RCCG Green Pastures), around the abbatoir at Fagba. He often reeked of alchohol, spoke in uncoordinated but impressive manners and also had a bible and a poly-bag with him. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve last seen him, but I know he has lived there for well over 6years. It’s sad to hear of his demise and I pray God grants eternal rest to his soul.Amen.