WATCH: “I am like a diesel engine… and I have started” – Ifeanyi Ubah lets loose

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    I watched Maduka’s interview and I have watched this one and it is obvious who the guilty party. I feel really sorry for Coscharis. He should never have done business with this incoherent crook.

  2. Fola says:

    YNaija you missed some of the funnier comments. See him quoting the bible and saying “touch not my anointed” -Ubah fancies himself as a preacher now.. Hear him also say that the lawsuit against him in the UK is a sign that those suing him are unpatriotic. No Ubah, its a sign that the judicial system in the UK will nail you. How can he also Maduka’s business is “pure water business”. Clearly arrogant but I can see through the facade, he did not answer any question always adding more parties and issues probably to confuse people. I am not confused and he does not deserve anyone’s sympathy.

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