1. It's ironic to see a former minister of the last administration pointing fingers. Talking about how we never learn from failures.. What is even more sad is people give her an audience without asking what she did.. what improvements where made to improve education during her tenor. I personally will take her allegations with a pinch of salt. For me it's a classic case of kettle calling the pot bad. Education suffered miserably under Obasanjo with universities closed for close to 6 months.. our people do have selective amnesia if not we would be putting all these politicians who are part of the problem and have nothing to show for their time in power.. we would be calling them to account rather than allowing them use us as a platform for scoring cheap political points.

    What is also sad is how people just took her allegations for gospel without proof or evidence. I have always advocated for open governance in this country (like the Kenyans have) in the absence of such one can only take her (and the government) words for it.

    I just think NIgerians should not allow themselves to be fooled and allow people to ride on the tide of general discontent with government and score cheap points. Lets not be gullible. As it stands foreign reserves stands at 42 billion dollars so unless the government embezzled 45 billion and then managed to raise another 42 billion .. something somewhere just doesn't add up.