The Twitter Round-up!

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29 Responses

  1. @opeolu2 says:

    *rolling* the list of gbagauns looooong mehn…good addition wif SUBstance and “did you miss these tweets” with more twi-respondents round up is getting more interesting…good job @ifreke

  2. Ogagus says:

    Life don spoil ooh

  3. @feline_eyes says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy I saw my tweet * dancing galala* but mehn those gbagauns got me rolling on the floor Buhahahahahahahahahaha & that twitfight? Mogbs!!!! I love the website’s new look. Great job Ifreks!

  4. @9ja_Whizkyd says:

    GBAGAUNS just dey increase per week. Ppl r actually gettin’ dumber shaa

    • FG says:

      me thinks some people gbagaun intentionally so they can make the round up cos i cant bring myself to agree that people still talk/write like this

  5. PasyErosPaschal says:

    Twitfight toh funny… 9ce one bruv!

  6. @BossRicky01 says:

    Na waa for @som1twisted…. Imagine involving others in your twitfight,(for you to trend right?). If you like no go do insurance before you put ya self for wahala! lol

  7. Abdulfatai @Adewale02 says:

    Another fantastic round-up nice one @ifreke

  8. Abdulrahym says:

    Tweetfight on point…Been long I enjoyed dis ur round up like dis ode

  9. @BragginRightz says:

    Thumbs Up…

  10. kayaderemi says:

    The gbagauns killed me, d twitfight was hilarious n that SUB! Choi!!! Deep much. Nice one

  11. @seyizy says:

    Lma☺ ! Crazy twitfight sha! D guy kild it!!!!! And d Gbagauns? One Word: HILARIOUS

  12. @ImKofoSleek says:

    I’m so happy tht my gbagaun no enter dt list choii, I really enjoyed it all tho, d gbagauns nd d twitfyt. Cool

  13. adekunle says:

    haha nice one… the gbagauns.. *lips are sealed*

  14. @dopeboifresh111 says:

    Some ppl shud b SUED for their Gbagauns meehn! LoooL! And dat Twitfight was awesome! Nice Post!

  15. @musteebabs says:

    LoL whaat? See Gbagauns..long list. Lmao! Kaphone meehn! Its been a while since a twitfight was here..Nice!!

  16. Slankey says:

    Nice write up dude….Big ups….(y)

  17. @nikkymandy says:

    Lmaoooo kaphone is jst a fool…I cudnt stp lafin ….d gbagauns badt gan…@lumidizzle’s tweet was on point…..freks weldone

  18. Baddessst says:

    Twitfight toh funny die

  19. I’m angryyyyyyyy!!!!! I won’t take this twitfight! No way!

  20. dnt8Ladell says:

    Love d new look. Big ups to that. Ehen, I dint see a twitfight o d guy killed d babe. Then d Gbabauns, LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! Nice 1 my friend 😀

  21. Armani (@PengBoiz) says: look is cool,twitfight was Awesome,Gbagauns were off the hook! God Bless the peeps involved in ds! +@ifreke (y)

  22. slimmariam says:

    wow! Denrele is crazy birthweek ko birthmonth ni! Kaphone is a bad guy, y did d babe reply him na? ….ye! Mayne d Gbagauns r funny! Lmao

  23. @tweetoracle says:

    It was a fabulous week as has been highlighted above but I must say that they focal point of the week was the Wizzkid album launch and d fact that it was a resounding success gave tweeps more things to talk about days after but thats twitter for u, 24 hour gossip …hehehe. Nice work ifreke.keep up the good work,cheers ! .

  24. sal_vador_ says:

    Omo mehn na the oracle Comment come long pass… English too much.. Big ups ifreke anyways.. U sabi die

  25. Skevvy says:

    lmfao, this is cool

  26. FG says:

    Lord may I not experience whatever horrible thing Dele Momodu is doing to Beazy. Amen. The round-up was brilliant as usual. That Twitfight tho…….

  27. temyabdul says:

    IFREKE confirm big ups bruv

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