Ugodre Talks Figures: Kanye West, Akon… what do they all want?


  • By far, one of the best articles I've read this month.

    The insights are on point!

  • Ejiro_ says:

    How did you forget to mention the $3 million that Mo'hits has to pay G.O.O.D Music? Or the undisclosed sum of money Mohits paid for a collabo with Snoop?

    There is no business opportunity for either Kanye or Akon other than cash for representation. The only addressable market for African artistes outside the African continent are Africans. Feel up Madison Square Gardens? From where to where please? There can not be international growth for any local artiste if there isn't any growth locally first, the only business sense to sign up Nigerian artistes is if they are paying for it.

    Let's not decieve ourselves, concerts by Nigerian artistes abroad maybe worthy to be called concerts by Nigerian standards but by no means comparable to what is considered a concert in those countries.

  • Ugodre says:

    @frealichinedu thanks for your comments.

    @Ejiro you have just brought up an interesting twist to the tale. I wonder which model portends that an artist will pay to sign up to a record label. I have never heard of that before. Snoop collecting appearance fees, though unproven (and undisclosed), can be considered plausible as it can be termed a marketing tool. Concerts by Nigerian artiste abroad may be considered minuscule presently but you can't deny the inherent growth potential it possess. Thanks for your comments.

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