Want to win a free exclusive ticket to The Future Awards 2012? Click to find out how

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6 Responses

  1. Wise says:

    U guys are such olodos. Why make it so hard to win. Who has your time? That useless award where they can’t even get peoples ages correct. *hiss*

  2. Foolish says:

    Na wa – people are frustrated o. So you clicked the Twitter link, rushed here to win the ticket, read the story, and after that decided oh, na useless award? God help your children!

  3. Chim says:

    Mehn! I MUST be there. Who’s performing?

  4. Emylianah says:

    @ Wise,the only thing i can figure out from your unreasonable comment is that you are just a hater that is so burnt, after all know body begged you to click the link in the first place. just admit you are a dimwit that cannot win the ticket and just move on with your life.

  5. Pearl osibu says:

    I was going to engage this “wise” fellow but decided that that would only get him what he wants, maybe it’s a private laugh.

  6. olabisi says:

    Pls u ppl should not cheat I av ove 30 downlines and am tweetin u bt no reply am already feelin disapointed

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