WATCH: #DanaCrash plane “ran out of fuel”

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  1. Tunde says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Ikponwosa. That has always been my guess too. I’ve seen an aircrash investigation on National Geographic where an aircraft lost its 2 engines off the coast of Italy and crashed. Investigations revealed that the aircraft went in for serviceing a day before the flight and the fuel indicator was tampered with. By the time the pilot got in to fly the plane, he saw a meter reading that he had enough fuel to reach his destination. He set out without asking for a mandatory slip he should have been given to confirm the fuelling.I saw that episode after the Dana Crash and I could imagine that may have been the case with the Dana plane.Besides, some other analysts have suggested that if the plane really had sufficient fuel, the inferno should have been more devastating.I really hope we get a definite report on the Dana Crash investigation.

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