20 ways to keep the romance alive

by Rituparna Roy Deshpande, Team iDiva

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From now onwards, every time he makes a difference in your life, compliment him in public. It not only boosts his morale, but also goes on to show you are happy to have him as your soulmate.

1. Talk about love: Did you know talking about love regularly can work wonders in a relationship? The next time you get held up at work or return home late, cuddle up to your partner and confess your love to him. Don’t forget to tell him that he makes the world go round for you or simply utter the three magic words for him to fall in love with you all over again.

2. Eat at home: Eating out may be the latest trend, but how many times have you made an effort to eat at home? Nothing feels quite as good as a meal cooked and shared in the privacy of your home, don’t you think? And if you are one of those who like to experiment with food, we’d suggest you look up an exotic recipe and make the experience memorable.

3. Have weekend sex: With long hours at work and family dos on weekdays, there is hardly any time for the two of you to enjoy some intimacy. But we say why not devote weekends to some fun in the bedroom? If Saturdays mean crowded restaurants and heavy traffic, we suggest you lock yourselves indoors for some good sex.

4. Take a late night stroll: Did you know hitting the bed right after a meal can be extremely unhealthy? And if you have spent the entire day checking work mails and making client phone calls, then spending some time with your spouse can make a big difference to your love life. Indulge in some sweet conversations by taking a late night stroll or walk up to the nearest ice-cream parlour for a change.

5. Keep a love note: Good at poetry? Compose a couplet and leave it next to his pillow or on the bedside table. Your partner will be surprised by the lovely gesture. If the morning plan fails to work, then leave a romantic note in his shirt pocket or better still, in his office bag.

6. Pack him lunch: Sure he has an office canteen, but why not surprise him with some nicely packed lunch from home? There are several options for you to consider when it comes to meal ideas – pasta, club sandwich, or even wraps and burritos. Don’t forget a spoon, a paper napkin and a candy.

7. Plan short getaways: A short getaway not only helps you feel rejuvenated and enhances your efficiency at work, but also keeps your romance alive. Make it a point to plan weekend getaways with your partner two to three times a year to a destination closer to home. Having said that, make sure to pamper yourselves with an annual holiday too.

8. Switch off the TV: You know why it is called an idiot box, don’t you? Switch off the TV this evening while eating dinner or while having a meaningful talk with your spouse. Skip your favourite serial or record it for later viewing if the two of you haven’t had a single conversation in the entire day.

9. Organise a surprise party: With hectic work schedules, there’s hardly a chance of catching up with family and friends. So why not organise a party with the extended family or close friends and surprise your husband? This way he will not only be able to meet everyone at the same time, but also be extremely happy by your special gesture.

10. Buy him a gift: As women we love gifts! But have you ever wondered if your man would like little surprises from time to time? Everyone loves goodies and your partner is no different. Make him feel special by buying him a gift on an ordinary day and not just his birthday. A fancy pen, a set of handkerchiefs or even a business organiser can make his day!

11. Go on date nights: Miss those fun and carefree college days? Relive those memories by going on date nights with your man on a weekday. Pick a restaurant of his choice and plan to meet him at a time after work. Don’t forget to make a reservation and tell the staff to arrange for some exclusive wine.

12. Kiss him after waking up: A soft good morning kiss can ensure a cheerful day for a couple. Why not kiss your man daily after waking up in the morning? And if he likes the gesture, you can go all out with a quickie following the kiss. The act will definitely leave the two of you smiling for the rest of the day.

13. Exercise together: Most of us hate gymming alone. And if you’re waiting to feel motivated to exercise then ask your spouse to join you in the gym. By exercising together you not only get to spend some time in each other’s company, but also achieve your health goals.

14. Compliment him in public: When was the last time you praised your partner in front of his family? From now onwards, every time he makes a difference in your life, compliment him in public. It not only boosts his morale, but also goes on to show you are happy to have him as your soulmate.

15. Do chores together: Have you ever shared household chores with your partner on a weekend? Your partner loves you, so there’s a good chance he’d want to help and organise things around the house. Doing chores together helps a couple bond well in the long term.

16. Indulge in PDA: Who says PDA isn’t good for you? A fleeting kiss on the cheek or some hand-holding in public can strengthen your relationship. Indulging in some physical contact in front of the world only goes to show that you are in love and happy to flaunt it!

17. Try a sex position for the first time: Spice things up in the bedroom by experimenting with a different sex position every month. And if you have been complaining of a boring married life due to busy work schedules, we are sure these exciting sex positions will help you keep the spark alive.

18. Have a no-kids night: If packing lunch boxes for the kids and helping them finish their homework after work leaves you with no time for your partner, then this one is for you. Plan a sleepover for your kids once a month – send them off to their grandparents’ house or your sister’s place. That way the two of you can have a no-kids night and enjoy some privacy.

19. Take a class together: Always wanted to join a dance class, but excused yourself out for strange reasons? Here’s your chance to swing and swirl and that too with your partner. By joining a dance, cooking class or a music school together, you both can discover newer aspects of your relationship. A different activity will also keep you connected.


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