5 reasons feeling sexy is important for your health

by Whitney Coy


Feeling sexy isn’t just about what you wear or the way you look, it’s about the way you feel. And guess what? That exhilarating feeling of confidence and perfect comfort in your own skin is great for your health.

 Author and Sexy Lifestyle expert Dana B. Myers says feeling sexy is as essential to the human experience as the air we breathe.

“When you welcome the sexiest, most fabulous and vibrant version of yourself… all of your life’s endeavors will benefit,” she says.

Here are just a handful of the reasons feeling sexy does your body good.

1. Feeling sexy leads to sex

How long has it been since you were in the mood? If things have cooled down between sheets, it probably has a lot to do with how sexy you feel. Find a way to get that mojo back, and your sex drive will come along for the ride, along with the plethora of healthy side effects that accompany a happy sex life.

2….and to better sex

If you’re feeling like a sexy diva when you’re doing the deed, you’re much more likely to enjoy yourself, increasing your potential for the Big “O.” And we all know that’s good for us. Orgasms lower blood pressure, reduce stress, lead to better sleep and much more.

3. Your immune system will thank you

Put down that green smoothie and go find your man. Now that you’re knockin’ boots on the regular, your immune system will start to pick up the pace and become more effective at fighting off viruses and bacteria. Right on time, ladies, because you finally have a better use for those sick days.

4. Getting busy makes you glow

These a reason getting busy gives you that glow. According to Dr. Gloria G. Bramer, a licensed clinical sexologist, sex improves blood circulation, which pumps all that blood-cleansing oxygen to your skin. The effect is a brighter, healthier, glowing complexion. We all know what you’ve been up to, and we’re jealous!

5. If you feel sexy, you’ll want to stay that way

Once you finally feel like the fabulous lady you are, you’ll never want to lose that feeling. Myers says once you bring your sexy back, you’ll be motivated to hit the gym and stick to your diet — all habits that will keep you (and your libido) in great shape.

Easy ways to feel sexy

With all these great benefits, what’s stopping you, sexy? Here are a few ways to start feeling sexier now:

Flaunt what you’ve got. Splurge on an outfit that accentuates your best features.

Soak it up. Skip the quick shower and take a long bath instead. Follow it up with sweet-smelling lotion.

Read a raunchy book. Fifty Shades, anyone? There’s just something about reading about other people doing the deed that makes you want to do the same.

Go for your close-up. Sometimes, a little closeness is all it takes to set things off. Initiate cuddles and see what happens.

Have a dirty secret. Wear something naughty under your everyday outfit.

Get a new look. Grab a new eye shadow or visit the salon. A new look always make you feel fab.

Take a trip. New surroundings are exciting, and you’ll want to be, too.

Fake it. Not feeling sexy at the moment? Carry yourself like a woman who knows she’s hot, and pretty soon, you’ll think you are.

Work it out. Hitting the gym makes you feel strong. And strong is sexy.

Dress up. Who cares if you’re not going out? If those sweats make you feel frumpy, ditch them.

Rock those heels. When you wear heels, you can’t help but put your best… ahem… assets on display. Strut your stuff and watch them enjoy the show.

Get some alone time. Sometimes a girl just needs to take things into her own hands. Go for it!


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