7 Tips on How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Single Pringle

There are two days that single people hate the most. Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day.

After barely surviving the onslaught of matching pyjama pictures and those annoying things that relationship people do on Christmas Day, one month later the ‘pressure gets wesser’ as they double down with Valentine’s Day.

While you’re on your way to work moping about the fact that no one is going to be bothered enough to send you even ‘recharge card’, you go on Twitter and see that some random babe has posted a picture of a ‘money bouquet’ – and it’s not even old notes. New notes that we cannot find in Emefiele’s Nigeria.

There’s not even a possibility of ‘God when’ anymore because you announced on socials that you will be getting married at the end of the year. The year was 2008.

Well, I’m here to tell you that ‘Na single you single, you no kill person’. Don’t allow relationship people to steal your joy. Happiness is for everybody.

You may be thinking today, “Oh no, it’s Valentine’s Day again!” If that’s the case, here are 7 tips on how to preserve your mental health around all these relationship bruhaha.

Be a ‘Hater’

Have you not said ‘awwwwww’ enough? Why are you celebrating and being emotional with your oppressors? Safeguard your mental health, please. Yes, Laide’s boyfriend got her a MacBook. Ok and so? She is not the first and she will not be the last. Find below an example of someone prioritizing their emotional and mental well-being.

Shock yourself with a few Valentine’s Day surprises

There’s nothing like self-love. Forget all these things people are posting on social media. There’s nothing in it. The people that are doing the surprising, do they have two heads?

Order something nice for yourself and act shocked. Let people be confused about your single status.

Listen to Heartbreak Songs

Remind yourself that ‘Love is Wicked’. If they can cheat on Beyonce, who are you?

By the time you have played ‘Say Something’ or ‘Someone like you’ about five times, I promise that you will be okay. The sudden transition from FOMO to annoyance and irritation will even shock you.

Focus on where you are going to in life

Ignore these Valentine’s Day distractions. Unlike the ones that are applying pressure everywhere, you know where you are going to in life.

Use the opportunity to be productive. Create a mood board for your career. Money in your bank account is more important than all these things.

Remind yourself that even though you don’t have Love, you have Peace of Mind

As you are single like this, you are not concerned that someone is trying to cheat on you. Yes, nobody is asking you if you have eaten but God is checking up on you and that is what matters the most.

Peace of mind >>>>>> Love

Thank God for the salvation of your soul

Today many people will be doing one or two things under the sheets. Thank God for the opportunity to not be involved in such and for helping you to preserve your white. In fact, go to bible study today so that you know that you have marked attendance for heaven.

Announce you are going on a social media break

What you can’t see cannot disturb you. Let all these relationship people know that you will rather chew jeans than observe their shenanigans.

You 1, Relationship People 0.

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