7 top tips on kissing that will improve your relationship

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Find time for kissing though as it shows your partner that you still have the hots for them.

We’re going to do the one thing you should never do; kiss and tell! We’ve been testing out hundreds of kissing techniques and boy do we have a lot to tell you. Here are 7 of the best kissing tips that we can find that will make you a better kisser:


Once you’ve got your kissing technique nailed you may still find that the hot and steamy passion is still missing. Think about the rest of your body. Where are your hands? How close are you standing to the guy or girl you’re smooching? To turn up the heat bring your hips together, run your hands up their back, through their hair and, if you’re feeling brave, give their behind a little squeeze. Exploring whilst you kiss makes you seem confident, passionate and experienced.


As we all know the lips are highly sensitive and contain lots of nerve endings. They are in fact your most exposed erogenous zone, which means that like every other part of your body you should take care of them. To get the perfect pout, make sure you exfoliate your lips. Use an olive oil and sugar mixture. Put the mixture onto your toothbrush and run it in circles over your lips. Rinse off and apply a lip balm to get luscious, kissable lips.

Kiss O’Clock

Life can sometimes whizz by at a 100mph and before you know it your tucked up in bed again and have had a totally smooch-less day. Find time for kissing though as it shows your partner that you still have the hots for them. You could try to catch them by surprise and kiss their neck when they’re washing the dishes or choosing an outfit from their wardrobe. Make a conscious effort to kiss every day, without the final destination being sex.

Be a mirror

Okay, you’ve put in the ground work, only to find out that your date is a lousy kisser – what do you do? Try to work with them rather than ditching them at the first sign of trouble. At first be subtle and change your behaviour. If they are giving you too much tongue, pull back a little and make your mouth smaller. Take charge and change the kiss to make it enjoyable for you. If all else fails, give them some gentle pointers like, “I love slow kissing”.


Albert Einstein knew a lot, but one of the things we didn’t know he knew much about was romance. Yet Mr Einstein has a hot tip for us: “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves”. If you want to deliver a perfect kiss, you have to give it your full concentration. You can’t be thinking about what you might cook later, or your next project at work. Fully engage or don’t bother at all.

Go outside the box

Watch any movie with a hot kissing scene in and you’re sure to see a guy or girl who does not just kiss the other person’s lips; they kiss their neck, their face, their ears and their chest. Once you get more confidence in the lips department, try out other areas. If you’re in a long-term relationship kissing can get a bit predictable. There are only so many new moves you can try. To shake things up kiss your partner upside down – like Spiderman.

Take it slow

There is no bigger turn-off than a terrible kiss. To keep them keen, start off slow. Open your mouth a little and begin with small kisses. A good kiss builds, so don’t be shy if you feel like pulling back a little. Take time when you pull back to look into their eyes, flash them a seductive smile and brush their lips with yours. Once you’ve been kissing for a little while you can go in for longer smooches using a wider mouth. Feel free to add some tongue too if you fancy.



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