9 facts that will change the way you think about music

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Music is so influential it can alter your heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, decrease your muscle tension, and even affect your body movement and coordination!

The chills you get when listening to music are caused by the release of dopamine in your body

Scientists recruited people who reliably get shivers when listening to an affective score. The chills are a consistent, in the moment measure of pleasure than asking how test subjects felt. Scientists used brain-imaging techniques that revealed that the music caused dopamine peaks coupled with emotional arousal.

The release of dopamine during music explains why such a high value is put on it and why music can manipulate our emotions. The effect that music has on us is quite comparable to other pleasures. Some examples are the joy of eating food, sex, and other tangible rewards.

Music can quite literally move us or the chemicals in our brains. The fact that music can really give us a rush like sex does is incredible. Well, the sensation is released from the same part of the brain at least.


Your heartbeat changes with the music you listen to!

Music can be so powerful it can affect your mood, brainwaves, and even your heartbeat! It turns out that when we listen to music our body reacts to the sounds we hear.

If a person listens to rock or techno, their heartbeat will involuntarily speed up. The opposite is true if someone listens to more calming or instrumental music.

Music is so influential it can alter your heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, decrease your muscle tension, and even affect your body movement and coordination!


People couldn’t tell the difference between music played through $100 cables or hangers

Overpriced cables are nothing new. However, a lot of people are misinformed about the actual benefits of paying $100 for a cable.

An experiment was setup with 5 people blindfoldedly listening to music that was either run through a Monster cable or a Belden cable. In the middle of the experiment, the people running the tests switched the belden cable for a coat hanger wire!

No one of the blindfolded people realized the switch was made. The one caveat that they had was that this was only over 2 meters. Anything longer might benefit from better insulation.

Music is as addictive as sex and drugs.

A study had participants listen to music while being scanned by an fMRI machine. The researchers found that the brain released dopamine both in anticipation of hearing music and while listening to music. The reaction was similar to the reactions in the brain that occur for drug and sex addicts. The findings will hopefully reveal more about brain chemistry and further the study of addictions.

Europe has “Silent Discos.” You listen to music on your headphones

Due to noise ordinances in Europe, club owners have created “silent discos” where clubbers listen to music through headphones. Rather than use a speaker system, some club owners have resorted to wireless headphones to entertain club goers.Music is broadcasted via FM-transmitter to the clubber’s headphones. It’s called “silent discos.” The style of clubbing is popular for music festivals, when people want to party long after noise ordinances would allow. Two DJ’s often compete for the listeners, too.


Doctors have prescribed music to treat Parkinson’s disease and strokes.

It’s actually helpful for patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke victims, and people with anxiety and depression. Music can help overcome bradykinesia (difficulty initiating movement, often linked to Parkinson’s) by triggering neurons that translate the music into organized movement. Music therapy has also proven to be effective in restoring the loss of language in patients with aphasia (impaired speech) that results from brain injury after sustaining a stroke.

Playing music also has its own health benefits. Patients with Parkinson’s disease report that spending time playing the drums helps them have more control over their bodily movements and reduces tremors. The one downside to music therapy is that the benefits wear off 2 months after the therapy is discontinued. This means it’s only effective if it’s used continuously.

Kanye West’s new music video can cause seizures.

Photosensitive epilepsy is the most common form of reflex epilepsy. After watching Kanye’s new video, it is plain to see how seizures could be triggered in people with this condition! Appropriately entitled “All of the Lights,” it largely features a series of quick video edits and flashing lights and lyrics, either of which could spell trouble for photosensitives.

The British organization Epilepsy Action requested that the video be taken down from YouTube – an appeal which actually succeeded for a brief period of time. However, since that time it has been reuploaded to the site, an action that is justified by an epilepsy disclaimer added to the beginning of the video. Personally, we are of the opinion that a scantily-clad Rihanna poses a far greater risk to potential viewers.

Playing an instrument can raise your IQ up to five points!

Many young children are encouraged to play instruments, but did you know there is actually intellectual benefits from it?

When you play an instrument, you train your body to learn many new actions. This increases brain activity, and the music itself can boost your IQ! For the fastest IQ boost, classical music is the best to listen to because the sound frequencies used are very specific and place the mind in highly distinctive states. If you play the music yourself, it can have an even more dramatic effect!

Surgeons operate better while listening to music.

Music lowers stress levels and allows surgeons to perform tasks more effectively, with one catch – the surgeons must choose the tunes themselves. If someone else chooses the music, it can actually have a detrimental effect on a surgeon’s performance!
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