Abigail Anaba: What’s in a length? (Y! Superblogger)

…if all men are busy making their women so happy, why are there so many women in relationships who are so unhappy about their sex life?

Men can be just plain dumb!

No apologies.

They are dumber when it comes to issues that has to do with their manhood [read sex and allied affairs]. I’m yet to meet a guy who isn’t ‘the best in bed’ or who doesn’t make his woman feel like a w-o-m-a-n (smiles). Men always feel a need to brag about their penis length and libidos as if 10 inches makes them any more a man than 4 inches!

Quick question though, if all men are busy making their women so happy, why are there so many women in relationships who are so unhappy about their sex life?

Stella has been unhappy for a while, her husband Timothy – she swears he is a full nine inches – has not been keeping her happy. They do it often enough – about 3 times a week – and she comes each time, officially! (winks). Unofficially, she doesn’t. Stella has over the years mastered the art of fake orgasms, complete with nail digging and throwing around dirty words.

Just the previous week, Timothy had boasted how he was having the time of his life in his marriage these days. Truth is Stella was seeing another guy and fantasizes about him while making poor Timothy feel he is the man!

I am in no way saying Stella is right, but if you guys ever bothered to ask for a checklist and write down in descending of what really keeps a woman happy in a relationship, you would find that the size of your ‘peepees’  may come way down in the list of most women. *Here’s a list you may want to check out  *

In fact, you may discover that the women who are constantly harping on penis size are essentially virgins who are just following a stereotype that the media has set down for them!

This is not to say women do not enjoy sex. But this hardly has to do with the length of sex organs. In fact a recent study of 50 women showed that 45 were more interested in penis width than the length. A woman’s enjoyment of sex is often more psychological than physical which is why women are more likely to be in love with the object of their sexual desire.

It takes the average woman 12 to 14 minutes to reach an orgasm while it takes a man 2-3 minutes.  The question is 12 minutes from when? Answer: from when she is sexually stimulated. Of course for some women it is shorter and for other women it is way longer. So if you guys could just quit being selfish and pay more attention, we could actually set the clock from foreplay and just when she’s ready you can get your 2 minutes of fame!

So instead of spending so much time celebrating your manhood and boasting about how that orgasm is too real to be faked, take out time and learn something about what really makes your woman happy and how you can make her wake up with the glow the next day and tell you sincerely: “You rock my world!”


Abigail Anaba is a wife, mother, writer, teacher. She studied Mass Communications at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. She blogs at www.anabagail.wordpress.com and tweets @anabagail


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  1. men should learn how to make their women sexualy satisfy, so that another man wil not take their chance.for more explanation u can read islam n sex(a palm flect containing hadith n quranic verses).

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