#BBNaija: Maria’s action today unwraps a different side of White Money

Today, on the Big Brother Naija show, one of the most intense and heated arguments of the season so far erupted, and the damage from the fight, which may seem minute could end up being irreparable. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before tempers begin to flare, and Housemates begin to say mean things to each other. Such is the nature of the show that is built on the premise of conducting a social experiment.

While we love the entertainment that the show brings, Big Brother is yet another reminder of how intolerable humans can get when their space is encroached on. But today’s fight was not a result of anyone encroaching in another person’s personal space, it was simply about food.

The whole debacle began in the dinning room when everyone was having breakfast. For some reason, some of the Housemates decided that it was an awesome time and place to talk about the lack of proper hygiene in the toilet. As one would expect, the topic became too degusting to bear, especially considering that they were having the discussion while some were eating.

Maria who was clearly triggered by the topic asked them to stop, considering that she was having her breakfast at the time, but they simply continued, talking about feces stains and what not. And when she couldn’t take it anymore, she went to the kitchen sink, threw away her food and stormed off.

It honestly is hard to blame her, but at the end of the day, her approach was excessive considering that she spilled some of that food on Boma who was washing dishes at the sink, and considering that someone took the time and energy to make that food.

With her actions, the two most upset people were Boma, who she spilled food on and White Money, who had gone through the stress of preparing the meal. She was able to resolve things with Boma, quickly as she immediately apologized to him, but unknown to her is White Money who expressed to other Housemates how angry he was about the whole incident.

White Money who is usually the most jovial and light hearted person in the House alluded to never forgiving Maria for what she did. He simply could not come to terms with the fact that she could be so rash with her conduct, and didn’t appreciate the fact that she was wasting food which was already getting scarce.

It was truly a different look for White Money especially considering how close he is to Maria. We all know that everyone has only so much they can take before they lose their temper, and it would have been a safe gamble to bet that White Money’s threshold for tolerance was high, who would have thought the easiest way to get him angry was by wasting food, or rather why wasn’t it obvious, seeing how much he enjoys cooking.

It was truly funny to see him place the importance of food over the importance of a friendship, but judging from his personality, its hard to see him holding a grudge, especially over something like this.

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