#BBNaija: Mr Ibu visits the housemates, Biggie keeps up with the Fear Factor + more highlights

It’s Day 31 at the Big Brother House and housemates are still in the week of fears, phobias and superstition.

The day started with the housemates getting to house chores as assigned by Head of House, Kemen. Unlike the previous two HoHs, Efe and Ese, Kemen takes up the role of a leader by sectioning the house and dividing parts to some of the housemates to clean while others got kitchen duties.

Moving on to the day’s task and in line with the theme for the week, Biggie instructed the housemates to tell some of the superstitious stories they were told as they grew up. The housemates got on to it and even accompanied the stories with songs. The task also required them to part into two groups and turn some of the stories into a play that is to be presented on Thursday.

After the superstitious session came the mother of all tasks. The housemates’ fear could be seen clearly written on their faces and heard in their screams as the ninjas released from atop the murkiest mixture we may never know about. The task was called dark bath task and it wasn’t hard to tell that it got the housemates grossed out as they immediately ran off to the garden to hose themselves down with clean water. Who else can’t wait for this fears, phobias and superstition week to end already? Biggie is making a mighty mess and we wonder who will clean it up.

To crown the very dirty day, the housemates received a clean surprise, a break from the norm. His entrance had us thinking, “How is Mr Ibu here and why did Big Brother chose him of every celebrity in Lagos”?

The housemates were super glad to see him, Debie-Rise hugged him in a tight embrace while the others geared him to laughter. Mr Ibu is the first guest to be called into the diary room and get an assignment task from Biggie. The secret task is to create a short drama script which the housemates would act out alongside Mr Ibu himself. The drama was well done and Mr Ibu was safe to exit the house.

Before the secret task, the housemates got to learn at the feet of Mr Ibu who shared his personal experience before fame and some insights on how to use their new-found fame to their advantage.

After all of today’s tasks, the housemates have resorted to the strongest unifying force: music.




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